Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: A day at Mekong Delta with Vinh Trang Pagoda Sidetrip (via Klook)

While it's easy to DIY Ho Chi Minh City, going to other tourist attractions like Mekong Delta, Cu Chi Tunnels etc. is more convenient and budget-friendly when joining a group tour. Since it's comfortable and not too expensive to join one, I knew from the get-go that we are joining a group tour. Lunch and a bottle of water is also included in the package. 

I've done Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels during my first time in Ho Chi Minh so we decided to join the Buddhist Vinh Trang Pagoda with Mekong Delta Tour this time.  

Cu Chi Tunnel Experience
Mekong Delta Tour

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Although it's not a requirement during the Immigration interview, I think it's better to book online especially when it's your first time going out of the country so you'd have a voucher to show the officer just in case he/she asks for it. Apart from the hotel booking confirmation and return ticket, this can serve as a proof that you're touring in Ho Chi Minh and returning to the Philippines after.

We were staying in District 1, HCMC and it was within the scope of free pick-up so we just waited at the hotel lobby for our service.

After an hour or more of driving, we had a stop over here in Mekong Rest Stop. Some spent the time picture taking (like moi), toilet break, and some bought and ate breakfast. 

Weather in Vietnam is just like Philippines.

It was summer when we travelled and it was hot but there were clouds throughout the day and even a rain shower during the afternoon so it was bearable. 

Souvenir Shop

The photos below are from Vinh Trang Pagoda of Tien Giang Province.

Laughing Buddha

There are several statues of Buddha in this area.

I like visiting temples so here are other Buddhist temples that I've gone to: 


Most of the posts are from temples in South Korea.

Reclining Buddha

The first time I saw this was in Wat Pho, Bangkok. I wasn't able to blog about it and I only knew that I didn't when I was looking for the link. Haha! Hope the universe leads me to seeing more Reclining Buddha in this life. 😂 I should probably post my tour in Ayutthaya 'cause there was also a Reclining Buddha there.

The design of the pagoda is a combination of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. Our guide even said that it resembles Angkor Wat. What do you think?

Wasn't able to resist and bought an order of Chuoi Nep Nuong. This is banana wrapped in sticky rice then grilled. It is served with a coconut sauce but I decided not to get that since it was early in the morning. 

After a short bus ride, we arrived at the port. Our tour guide explained the summary of all the places that we will be visiting that afternoon, we had a short toilet break, and headed straight to the ferry. 

This was the our boat. 

 I honestly don't remember if it was the same kind of boat that we rode back in 2017. The river water was calm so no seasickness even if we rode boat and ferry multiple times for that tour.

On the way to Unicorn Island

Our tour guide explained well though I seldom paid attention. lol HAHAHA. I was looking at the view and I was thinking of Cambodia when we were here in Mekong Delta especially when he told us that heading upstream will lead us to Cambodia. Oh no. Thank you. 

It's possible that I'm never going back to Cambodia but if I find myself there again, I would definitely opt to book tours via Klook as well and never DIY. HAHAHA. So much trauma for a few hours experience in Tonle Sap but I learned a lot during that trip. I wouldn't be the traveler that I am now if not for Cambodia. HAHAHA. I know that this is Vietnam tour but I can't not think of Cambodia whenever I talk about Mekong Delta. 😂😂😂 Grabe. Ramdam ko pa rin 'yung trauma habang sinusulat ko 'to. 

These fruits are part of the package and visitors are serenaded with Vietnamese songs while eating. Bring extra money when going here 'cause there will be a lot of souvenir shops and tipping to do although it's not gonna be too expensive. 

Rode the small boat through the smaller canals and palm trees of Mekong Delta. Quite the experience since I didn't get to wear that hat during my first time visiting here.

If you like royal jelly and bee pollen then stock up here 'cause my sister said that the bee pollen was a lot cheaper than buying here in Manila.

Definitely not for people with bee allergy. 

Coconut candy and coconut products are also famous in this place. It's just that coconut products aren't that special for me since we have a lot of those in the Philippines too. haha!

Wine with Poisonous Snake

I haven't tasted this yet. A blogger friend of mine also went to Ho Chi Minh and she posted that their group was given free sample of this to taste. 

One of my favorite photos in Ho Chi Minh. <3

There's a mini zoo in the vicinity of the restaurant. I think you can feed this crocodiles for a fee as well. 

Fried Elephant Ear Fish or Giant Gourami is the main dish but there was pork and chicken dishes as well. 

The food served here are the same for all tourists but it's more delicious than what I remembered having before. There's rice but there's also rice paper and rice noodles should you prefer to eat this wrapped like a fresh spring roll. 

During the booking, you are asked to input your allergies and food restrictions if you have any for the restaurant to adjust when you arrive.

Rain shower after we ate our lunch so it took sometime before we were able to head back to the boat.

Back to Ho Chi Minh we go.

Going back to Ho Chi Minh took a longer time because of the traffic congestion but I was asleep most of the travel time so I didn't really notice the length.

We were again dropped off at our hotel.

It's good to choose hotels near the city center of Ho Chi Minh so you're close to most of the attractions. 

Klook Link: Book your  Full-Day Excursion to Mekong Delta here.

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