Monday, February 27, 2012


Took home cakes from Banapple, Ayala Triangle Gardens. And? HEAVEN!! Just skip on the added adipose and high sugar levels. Oh anyway, these cakes are (top to bottom) Potion Pie (110.00/slice), Oreo Brownie Fudge Cheesecake (110.00/slice), Banoffee Pie (95.00/slice) and Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Cheesecake (110.00/slice) These are all delicious but I love cheesecakes so I'm biased with the Oreo and Brownie Fudge.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Desserts At Banawe, Quezon City

I love sweets and as soon as I found out about Love Desserts, I've been wanting to eat there. And yesterday was the fated day.

Waffle (it was  tasteless but I appreciated it to balance all the sweetness of my other foods), brownies, crema de fruta

Milk Tea (Tastes like what I've been making at home; just a combination of  tea and milk. I wonder what it is with milk tea cafes that give their teas a distinct and delicious taste?)

Cream puff,  chocolate cream puff (?), marshmallow and melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain. I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PLATE

banana-chocolate crepe. It was somewhat dry and  I'm used to  crepes with ice cream and all so this one's too plain. My fault though, I had every ingredient to decorate and combine this with but I didn't. Haha. What the hell was I thinking then? THERE ARE ICE CREAMS AND CHOCOLATES AVAILABLE!!

sylvanna (hard and too sweet for me)

mais con yelo (My ever favorite mais con yelo. I actually wanted to have round 2 of this but I can't swallow it anymore.)
I thought that I ate too much yesterday but upon viewing these pictures, what I had wasn't a lot. Maybe because I've just eaten my lunch then that I got filled immediately. Oh whatever, the buffet price is P 199.00 so it's still sulit. What's sulit? Haha. It's uhm,getting more than what someone paid for.

I didn't get to take pictures of their buffet but here are the other choices that I can remember: Halo-Halo, Cakes, Champorado, Fruit Salad, Empanada, Ice Creams, Coffee, Cookies and many more. There are also Ala Carte foods, just see the menu. See? Isn't that sulit? Indeed a restaurant for my fellow sweet toothed.

Love DessertsBanawe

915 Banawe St cor G Roxas Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 348-3551 source

Commute? Di ako familiar pero... Quezon Ave at dun sa paglagpas ng Araneta Avenue, Puregold Jr. (?) at Mcdo na currently on renovation'yun na 'yung  Banawe, may terminal ng jeep sa may bandang likod noon na dumadaan ng Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, ride that. Diretso lang hanggang sa dulong terminal niya ulit.  Kapag nadaan ka ng Terriyaki Boy at Serenitea, hindi ka pa naliligaw. Pagdating ng jeep sa terminal, lakad lang ulit at tawid sa intersection. May construction site dun o construction ata tas malapit na. Sa may kanto, may building at 'yun na. :)) Gulo ko lang diba? Basta diresto lang at nasa left kung papasok ng Banawe. hehe

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Lollipop

Cooked chicken lollipop last night. Here's the procedure, it's fairly easy.

Chicken wings.
These are already seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beaten egg. 

Japanese Bread Crumbs

Usually before you put the wings in the egg, you'd have to cover  it first with  all-purpose flour but we skipped that part.

Then bread it with breadcrumbs.

Here's how they look like.

Deep fry.

Cooked. That fast. :)

Sip Milk Tea

Still not tired of the milk tea fad? Here's another store.


That floral taste. Tsk.
 I tried SIP milk tea at Robinson's Galleria, I didn't know what to order so I opted for their Green Milk Tea and on my first sip, I tasted that floral taste again although much milder than what Cha Dao milk tea had, I don't like it. I would never appreciate the flowery taste on my milk teas. A fail order. The only thing I enjoyed was the rocking chair I sat on. It kind of balanced my disappointment. Haha. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tous Les Jours

After eating at a Korean restaurant, we transferred to SM North to buy breads from a Korean Bakery. I experienced the sale rush tonight. Like what my brother was saying, some were wild and most were like hoarding the breads.

Just like what I've posted here before, this Korean bakery sells their unsold breads for 50% off their original price as the clock strikes around past 8:30 every night.

너무 예뻐, nakakahinayang atang kainin 'yung ganitong cake!

I only bought those I liked: Custard Cream Bun, Cream Cheese and Red Monggo. These costed me 110.00. 

Sorry for the pics' quality. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ristorante Bigoli

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Ristorante Bigoli is one of the restaurants we eat at whenever we like Italian cuisine. They offer delicious food at affordable prices; no wonder the place is most of the times packed whenever we pass by. (Trinoma, near Cinema 7)

We ordered their Doppio Deligioso set meal for two which would also be enough for four persons to munch on. It includes 2 pcs. Italian Chicken, Salad, Spaghetti Bolognese, Minestrone Soup, 2 slices of Pizza and green salad (335.00)

For dessert, try their gelato. There are a lot of flavors to choose from. (50.00)


Who said Feb. 14th is only for lovers? Happy Single Awareness Day!  Hehe. Whoever it is that we celebrated today with, (friends, family or self) I hope everyone's happy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skyflakes with Tuna

I have been distancing myself with instant noodles for meriendas these days and rediscovered this recipe I used to eat several years ago. 

I enjoy tuna more with mayonnaise but at times we have no mayo at home, this would suffice. 
It's just crushed skyflakes, canned tuna and salt. Filling, healthy and very easy to make.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lorys Hair Cream and A Bonne Hair Spa

I had my hair rebonded last December and since then, I've been taking extra effort to do hair treatments once to twice a week.  

*Sorry about the quality of the pictures, someone please donate a point-and-shoot camera please. I'll forever be thankful. :>

So here's what happened, when we did grocery at Cherry Foodarama, I saw A Bonne Hair Spa (almost 200.00) treatment and Giga Shampoo Bar. (almost 50.00)

The next day, I used Giga as my shampoo then the A Bonne as my conditioner (hair spa). I left it in my hair for around 15 minutes and guess what? The ends of my hair became drier. I was shocked, of course, I thought I did a nourishing treatment. 

I don't have any other hair treatments at home and can't afford to have a salon treatment so I used A Bonne again the next day. Yay! My hair regained its softness and became shinier. I used it after shampooing my hair, rinsed it and applied conditioner again. The product that made my hair dry was Giga Shampoo Bar. Tsktsk

When I used up all my A Bonne hair treatment, I went to Landmark at Trinoma to repurchase and while I was looking at other options, I saw Lorys Hair Cream on one of their shelves. It costs P 148.00 for a 500g bottle, 50.00 pesos cheaper than A Bonne Hair Spa so I decided to give it a try and bought the Duo Chocolate Variant. Why? I love chocolates! Next to the price, that's the reason. If I always feed myself chocolates, why not feed it to my hair too? Haha

There are two options: one is to used it as a replacement for your daily conditioner and the other, as intensive conditioning treatment- I use it for the latter. Once to twice a week, 30 minutes before bathing, I put the product on my dry hair and cover it with cling wrap to make it penetrate more. (Read that somewhere, in replacement for a shower cap) Rinse it then shampoo. Don't skip the shampoo part though, not shampooing will make your hair oily. To be honest, I'm lazy doing treatments of any sort but how can I not do it when the scent is an added positive reinforcer?

According to the bottle, Duo Chocolate has thermal activated silicone developed for intensive care and conditioning of damaged and sensitive hair. I sooo loved the smell (chocolatey!) and it did make my hair softer, shinier and somehow straighter. My hair's long and thick, when I say thick, I really mean thick so I emptied the jar in just 4 uses.

I bought the Fruit Cocktail variant the other day and again, it didn't disappoint me. I thought that I'd only like the Duo Chocolate scent but I was wrong although I loved DC, I now became biased with the Fruit Cocktail's scent. This variant, according to the bottle, is for all hair types.

Hehe. I've just purchased my second tub and have only used it once but I'm already planning for my third, gonna try their Nutri-Sun Gloss since I need more UV protection 'cause I don't always use umbrella. 

There's nothing I hate in both A Bonne Hair Spa Treatment and Lorys Hair Cream, both do their jobs but I prefer the latter; It smells better and is less expensive. Since I am now always on the look out on hair products that are inexpensive and get their work done, Thank God I found Lory's Hair Cream. Byebye, dry  hair and expensive salon hair treatments!

Friday, February 3, 2012

TonTon Massage, Congressional (now Sabai-Sabai)

UPDATE (NOV. 3, 2014) This is still one of my favorite massage places and that's obvious given that this was posted in 2012 and until now, we find ourselves going back once to twice a month. Anyhow, Tonton Massage in Joroma Building, Congressional Avenue has been renovated and is now called, Sabai-Sabai Authentic Thai Massage. There has been a great change in the interior. I am not that particular with how the place looks but I'm still posting pictures here. 

This is their current price list.
Notice that they now have "lavender oil" option.
That's a great add-on especially for people who don't appreciate dry massage. 
The new area for foot massage.
Although this place is dimly-lit and you're not supposed to mind other people, I think that I would find it awkward if someday there'd be another client seating and having a foot massage also in front of me. 
Yesterday was their re-opening day and it was a solid 2 1/2 hours body massage for me. Hehe.
1 hour body
1 hour back
1/2 hour foot
Pwede na rin mag-shower for P 50.00

For the massage, it's still Thai so please refer to my post below. 

We became tambays of Congressional Avenue today. It's not like we don't loiter there on other days, just that, we did lots of things this afternoon. One of today's itinerary was the uber-relaxing traditional Thai massage from TonTon Traditional Thai Massage Center. 

This is the receiving area.
Customer's wait there until the masseuse are done preparing.

I know the rates aren't readable. Anyway, rate from 12NN to 6PM is cheaper than 6PM-2AM. We paid 250.00 for a whole body massage.

My body has been aching. I needed this. OMG. I don't know what to expect since we were only frequenting Shiatzu and Traditional Filipino.
Thai Massage first timer here!
They handed us this slippers to change into.

We washed our feet first. On other spas there were flower petals but this would do. 
It was dark if not for the lamp shades hanging on the wall and only white thick curtains divide the area but I couldn't care less. Relaxing music were playing in the background and no outside noises can be heard considering that Congre is now a very busy Avenue; it was so quiet you could hear the ticking of the clock. I also loved the fact that the place was dim.
Those are my clothes hanging since we were asked to change to loose clothing. There weren't lots of bare skin since we were wearing pajamas the entire session. Also, Thai massage is a dry massage meaning they didn't use oils or lotions. Both plus for me 'cause I don't like that I have to be naked (top) during massages and I sometimes don't like them putting oil especially when I still have other things to do after; the feeling's so sticky.

I can't really describe how the whole massage went but Ate stretched, massage, squeezed, and properly located all the pressure points. It was like I was doing yoga with her help.
They offered us tea before leaving.

Erm,  So relaxing, I forgot the meaning of stress for a time. I hope to come back there soon.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Application for Postal ID in Quezon City 2015 (UPDATED POST)


Finally applied for the new Postal ID the other day. :)

I went to Quezon City hall to claim my NBI Clearance (that I applied for online) and since I don't want it to be the only thing that I'll do, I decided to apply for the new postal ID. Andun na 'ko eh.

I took this picture last August.

What requirements did I submit?
Cristina. 20 something. Single. Resident of Quezon City

NOTE: NAKAKALOKAAAAAAAAAA! Hindi ko nilagay na single kasi naghahanap ako ng jowa! HAHAHA. Nilagay ko 'yan kasi 'yan ang civil status ko. Nilagay ko dahil baka pareho tayo ng situation edi okay lang na pareho tayo ng mga documents na ipapasa. ;)

Have your documents photocopied beforehand.

* 1. Birth Certificate (NSO)
2. Passport (Any government-issued ID)
* 3. Barangay Clearance (or Police Clearance, NBI Clearance)

* Since I don't anymore have the receipt for these documents, the lady got the original copies. Bring your receipts so she'll only get the photox copy.

P.S For married persons, don't forget to bring your marriage certificate.

When you've submitted your requirements, you would then be asked to fill out the application form, and then proceed inside the office for the ID picture, biometrics, and signature.

The application was hassle-free (if you have all the documents needed) but expect your ID to be delivered at home in 1 - 2 months. Mej matagal, noh? But it's okay since I'll have another ID to use. Nga pala, this is now accepted in a lot of offices (ex. banks, companies, agencies) because of its new security features. Haaay, but still, I am wishing for the issuance of a national ID.

Postal ID Price - P 370.00
Delivery Fee - P 44.40

Total - P 414.40

Love Breads? Try Tous Les Jours

Oh, the name sounds familiar. 

My brother came home today with two plastic bags filled with breads from a Korean Bakery in SM North, Tous Les Jours. According to him, roughly around 8:30 PM on weekday nights, the store puts up 50% discount on most of its products. This practice assures clients that they get fresh breads everyday, 'cause all left-overs are sold during the night. And for us, cheaper yet super delicious 빵. You'd have to wait for the closing time and race with others though since there are lots of people already waiting in the area and rush to the store whenever the sign is placed. That idea kind of thrills me, I would love to experience it one night.

He got everything for 249.00 instead of around 500.00 and there were like so many and all of them taste so good. I was so busy eating that I forgot to ask what are the names of each and wasn't able to capture pictures of all the bread. But I'd still tell you which I liked best; custard cream bun and the one with cream cheese filling. :))
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