Sunday, August 26, 2012

OMG Crack Nail Polish

Back to Crack!

I don't know what happened but the cracked nail polish this time looked thick and more cracked, not that I hate it though.

My ring fingers had the accent nails and true enough, you'd notice them first.

Yellow and Pink matched better.

Nails Polishes Used

OMG Nail Colors (Yellow, Blue and Cracked Pink)

Caronia Base and Top Coats

Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour (Explore Bonifacio Global City!)

 For some reason, I loooooove BGC!

I would stay there forever if I have the means,  the cost of living is so expensive!

And what?! You're donating a condo? OH-EM!! THANKS!!


I realized tonight that I want to own a condo unit anywhere in BGC. But I don't have yet the money to do that.

So anyway,

Today, we were given complimentary tickets to their "Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour" Of course, who would refuse, right? When we had all the time in the world and it was free!
This is the map of BGC, the bus that we rode passed by those streets which have arrows. There were descriptions of the places at the back, and there was also a voice-over in the bus.

Btw, in my Good Times KTV post, I wrote there about a park that was on construction beside The Fort Strip, I think that was Terra 28th, an interactive playground art installations.
That's our bus!
This was at the stop at Bonifacio High Street.
Drop off area at Mind Museum, you can actually go down and explore the areas with drop offs by yourself. Just keep your ticket so you can ride the next bus. (Buses run on approximately 30 minutes interval)
What our bus looked like inside.

Yes, there are more things and places to explore aside from the restaurants and shops. 
Back to Serendra.

I wasn't able to take that much pictures since we were on a moving vehicle  and it was hard to focus. 
Football Turf

It rained just before we were about to go down. :|

Okay, so this has been our "field trip." I love it there so it was seriously fun going around! :D

It's just P 25.00/person for 4pm to 10pm bus rides every Saturdays and Sundays. 

P.S. But seriously, I'm accepting condominium donations. ^^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chef D' Angelo Buffet at Glorietta 5

Re-tried this buffet now on a different branch, my first was in MOA last March.

First was this water with slices of mushroom and egg, which was okay. Haha. This is a mushroom soup which was really okay albeit the amount of water.

I liked these breaded fish fillet strips they weren't oily.
G5 branch had fewer food options compared to MOA.
They're still okay if you're concerned with the taste but, I want my pepperoni pizza and baby potatoes.
Margherita Pizza and a spoonful of Macaroni Salad which had hard macaroni. 

We waited and they served these pizzas. I wasn't able to eat the Hawaiian slices though, my cousin got them before I even sat on my chair.
Of course, they taste better when hot.

There were pastas but I don't feel that they're masaya so I settled with these, which made me feel like how it's to be a pesco-vegetarian.

Since my first visit set an expectation, I just felt a little disappointed with regards to the quantity of tonight's buffet. I was expecting something else, something I'm not sure what. 
But, it's just me who's nag-iinarte. The price is well worth it for P 175.00/person since you can eat everything there... if you can.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shakey's Hand Tossed Pizza

Made use of our Pizzanatic Card once again.

We always go for Thin Crust Pizzas but my brother insisted this para daw mas nakakabusog.

I asked the guy I talked to if we can have thin crust for the free pizza, but no, the crust is supposed to be like the one you ordered. 

Okay here they are:

It's chewy and the cheese was mozzarella, I don't remember the thin crust pizza having the same kind of cheese.
Mas nakakabusog nga but a little too oily.

Not that I hate it, I love everything Shakey's!

Here are Shakey's Special and Pepperoni Pizza (Party Size) plus 1.5 Coke for around P 650.00.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Caress' Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

I was reading last night with table lamp as my light source and this glow in the dark nail polish was on my table. As I turned off the light to go to bed, the glow from the polish bottle was so intense. It was recharging while I was reading.
I decided to apply it on my current nail polish since I'm removing it today anyway, but... I HATE THE BRUSH!
Working with it isn't easy, I don't know how to explain it but it doesn't glide on smoothly and there were uneven surfaces. The formulation of the polish was okay, too bad it came with a crappy brush.

The polishes I used for this were from here.

... Caronia's On The Go looks like it's blue green that's leaning to green but I noticed that on some lights it just looked green. 
Charging the Glow in the Dark properties...
Notice how the yellow dots of my pinky finger glowed more than the rest.This works better paired with lighter colors.
After recharging both my nails and the bottle.
And my nails stopped glowing after a while.

This nail polish looks like a clear to yellowish top coat with few shimmers (well, it's frosted),  stick with lighter base color if you want to use this as a top coat.

I am impressed, and should have been more impressed if the brush wasn't as crappy as the one I had.

For around P 30.00, I think, it brought nail polishes to a different level. 
And I'm now giving my nails the break they well-deserved. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sihae in Manila! :">

Last May, I wrote a post and I quote, "If  they were real... OMG!"



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Times KTV, The Fort Strip, BGC

We wanted to go to a KTV but were oblivious if there were any in the area since we don't go there frequently. And? From One Parkade (where BonChon is located), there was a Good Times signage staring at us. The next problem we had was the expenses. 'Yun lang, it's located at The Fort Strip! So whatever, went up to the third floor and inquired about the rates, it was P 99.00/hour/person. We thought that the price was reasonable enough, soooooo...

NOTE (JULY 1, 2014): This was posted in 2012. Prices have changed (More expensive na raw) though I don't know how much the rates are now. :)

I haven't been going to BGC these past few months/weeks. Crazy how you and a certain someone create "happy" memories somewhere then you eventually associate the place to that person. Sadly when he's gone, only reminds me of you ang peg that's why it pains you to visit the "memorable" place. You just can't help it but be reminded of "the person" especially when you walk on the same spot you both once walked at, pass by the restaurant where you shared funny stories at and... it pains you the most knowing that you're the only one struggling. hehehe. 

Not that it was all about him but there's really a feeling of uneasiness. Soon, all the flashbacks shall cease and I shall return to BGC feeling nothing but the desire to create better and happier memories with other people again. HASHTAGTMI. :)))
The view from the room we got was really good! There's Serendra on the right, and St. Luke's area on the left. I wonder what is that they're constructing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi at BonChon Chicken

I decided to take a break from my two pieces chicken order here at BonChon and got this, Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi instead. So far, aside from their chicken, I've tasted this and their fish fillet.

P 145.00 / meal

Albeit not being a fan of too saucy and sweet viands, this tastes great. Medyo nagkulang lang 'yung chicken, (I might add an order of chicken the next time I order this for P 40.00), good thing there was enough sauce I was able to eat all the rice.

This had chicken fillet, onion and onion leeks with, of course, their Bulgogi sauce.

The only problem we had for that day was the service was too slow. They asked to wait for 10 minutes for our orders but ended up waiting for more than 20 minutes, it was past lunch time so we were really hungry prior to going there then we had to wait for so long. K. Fine. Tapos na.

BonChon at BGC. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breakfast Buffet at Marina Seafood Grill SM North EDSA

Do you want to eat at a buffet with an unlimited drinks for P 169.00? I bet you'd say yes. But how about eating at the same buffet with price cut down to half? I bet that's a double yes. Today, we ate our breakfast at Marina Seafood Grill using a voucher that costs P 169.00/ 2 person. That's 50% off.

Some of the choices for today were Pancakes, Bread Slices, Dinuguan, Fried Rice, Hotdogs, Scrambled Egg, Lugaw, Tinapa, Fruits, Salads, and the rest, I forgot. They change the choices from time to time if I'm not mistaken.

But here's what I had:
Grabe, for P 85.00, maghahanap ka pa ba ng pagsisiksikan sa tiyan mo? Pero marami pa rin akong kinain naman.

Hotdog slices, scrambled egg, 10 pieces of pancake and 2 glasses of orange juice.

Sarap ng pancake. Haha! Di naman obvious, diba? 

Hadn't I eaten 2 pieces of homemade tacos prior to going there, I would have eaten more. Pero 'yun nga, sa ibang restaurants halos juice lang ang presyo, but there I was able to eat these much kaya keri lang. 

I don't know the breakfast buffet's opening time but I'm sure they end at 10:00 AM.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

MeryenDads at SM Megamall

Another sulit and less than P 200.00 Eat-All-You-Can  is Meriendads at SM Megamall.

Here in their poster are the choices.

And these pictures are the foods that I consumed in less than an hour since we arrived there around 4:00 already.

Puto, Lumpia, Camote Que

Fries and Taclings (Bite Size Tacos) I LOVE!

Tokwa't Baboy.

I didn't like the shawarma!
Parang asukal na nilagyan ng tinapay.
Too sweet for my liking.


Chicken Mami

Okay lang kaso puro taba 'yung nakuha ko.

Another round of those I so liked.
Fries and Tacos

Bye na sana.
 I forgot I haven't had desserts.

Here a piece of cake and corn dog.
Hindi ko na makain actually so, tinanggal ko 'yung balot and just ate the hotdog inside.

Last for the day.. cream puffs!!

Sulit talaga if you ask me, sobrang daming pagpipilian at masasarap naman 'yung mga pagkain. Next time sana masubukan ko 'yung buffet na talaga nila, hindi lang merienda.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jajoma's California Maki and Kuya's Lumpiang Sariwa

 Pag nasa Circle C ako, hindi rin maiwasan na hindi kakain kahit sandali lang na mags-stay dun. Maraming mga food stall na pwedeng mabilhan ng pagkain, at dalawa na nga itong Jajoma at Kuya's sa mga nabilhan ko.
Meron kasi akong favorite na Lumpiang Sariwa pero hindi naman 'to nahuhuli sa lasa, pwede na rin, masarap naman siya. Kaso may pagka-lasang Intsek ba 'yun, basta may certain na lasa na parang nagle-lean sa Chinese foods. Pero okay naman, P 45.00 ata isang order.

Jajoma California Maki
P 120.00

Back in high school, I had a friend whom I always eat this with. My sister and I would share one order, but that friend and I would eat one order each. I miss. I can never eat these without reminiscing our memories. LOLJK. I was just reminded of those moments now while writing this entry.

Anyway,  their Cali Maki is really something that I enjoy eating. I've patronized for like, more than 4 years already.

It tastes so good especially for its price. 
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