Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shakey's Hand Tossed Pizza

Made use of our Pizzanatic Card once again.

We always go for Thin Crust Pizzas but my brother insisted this para daw mas nakakabusog.

I asked the guy I talked to if we can have thin crust for the free pizza, but no, the crust is supposed to be like the one you ordered. 

Okay here they are:

It's chewy and the cheese was mozzarella, I don't remember the thin crust pizza having the same kind of cheese.
Mas nakakabusog nga but a little too oily.

Not that I hate it, I love everything Shakey's!

Here are Shakey's Special and Pepperoni Pizza (Party Size) plus 1.5 Coke for around P 650.00.

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