Saturday, March 29, 2014

Japanese Treats: Lotte Ghana Matcha Sticks

Bought this at Family Mart for I can't remember how much. hahaha.
P 70.00, I think.

This Lotte Ghana Matcha and Milk Chocolate Sticks is the cheapest Matcha something I've bought so far. 
Each box has four sticks of chocolate which has a holder (?)/ a golden foil cover on the top part.
Each stick is a combination of matcha and milk chocolate.

Doesn't it look very appealing?

Being a matcha addict that I am, I found this very very very lacking in quantity. I think I need more than 8 sticks per sitting. Hahahaha. Bitin much. Even if the two chocolates are halved, can't I get a pure matcha stick someday?? Anyway, I found the matcha part just right and it's actually creamy for me but I think most will find it a little bit strong. The chocolate, on the other hand, is definitely creamy with just right sweetness and bitterness to it. 

This chocolate is the right balance of matcha and milk chocolate.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub Review

 Scrub your way to your softest lips ever.

Here's my review of Tonly Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub; the first lip scrub I've tried kasi babae na 'ko ng very very light. hahahaha

Don't you just hate having dry and flaky lips? I do. I really hate having dry lips and maybe that's the reason why I have acquired the habit of applying lip balms as frequent as I can anywhere and anytime. And, whenever I see someone with dry lips, there's this urge to "donate" lip balm to that person. And if it's someone I don't like, I sometimes reach a point when I think of peeling the flaky skin to make way for bleeding lips, bleeding face and bleeding body! JOKEEE! Baliw at sadista pala. :))))

Here's one product you can use to get rid of those loose and dead skin from my favorite Korean Cosmetic Brand, Tony Moly. 
Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub have a bulky container but it is really cute. The lip shape can automatically give you an idea on which part of the body is this supposed to be used. CORRECT!! This is for your eyes. hahaha. K. Corny.
What it looks like.

Apart from the upper cover, there's still white cover/lid. 

This is sold for P 348.00
And since you only need a little amount, the contents of this container will last you a long time.

This is a cream scrub with fine grains to exfoliate lip though I don't know what those grains are made from. It has a mild scent of apricot or peach. For its taste, although it's obvious that you shouldn't eat nor taste this, it's fine and doesn't taste like chemicals. HAHAHAHAHA. Pati ba naman 'to kinain ko? Maiiwasan mo ba naman kase!

I have tried this two times already;

First when I had chapped lips during the Philippines' colder days and it managed to peel off the dry skin just after a minute or two of scrubbing. 
It's a lot better to remove those peeling skin this way for less pain and to prevent bleeding just in case you can't stop yourself from pulling. 

Second was when I just thought of using this. Without flaky skin, I felt the softening and smoothing of my lips more especially when I woke up.

Take note than even if the grains are fine, don't rub this too hard on your lips unless you want sore and bleeding lips. This is best used at night before going to bed and don't forget to apply lip balms!

But if you're already in the stage when your lip is severely chapped and dry that it rips, cracks or worse bleeds every time you try to smile or talk, treat it by applying lip balm first for a couple of days because this scrub might aggravate the condition leaving you with raw and exposed skin which is very very very sensitive and painful. Ouchie! :'( (You might want to check out Human Heart Nature lip balms link: here. They're all natural! Giving your lips a break from too much chemicals.)
Te, inom inom din kasi ng tubig and stop licking your lips!


There is an instruction that was written in Korean and this is the rough translation: 

1. Using your finger, massage the scrub on your lips for 1 - 2 minutes.
2. Wipe it off with tissue or wash it off with water.

3. Apply lip essence or lip balm after to make it more effective.
O, gusto mo pa ng picture ko nyan?
Ang ganda ganda ko please. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Ayan ang no make-up fez. Kailangan talaga 'yung picture na nagpapacute ng ganyan eh. 
'Cause I'm quite sure Kim Jaejoong has a similar picture when they were still the endorsers of Tony Moly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be Naughty at Gayuma ni Maria!

That one thing I really love whenever I eat at Gayuma Ni Maria is how they got so creative in naming their dishes. Imagine eating a dish named, Please Be Careful With My Heart.

Tipong pwede kang pumunta dun with someone you love pero hindi mo masabi, "Uy, I love you cross my heart!" Joke. Hahahahahaha. 

First time link: here. 
I wasn't able to take a picture of their whole menu but the two pasta dishes that they have are also good. 

P 235.00

They managed to make this dish more interesting and more put together by including kesong puti. I haven't tasted something similar before. I found this a little bit salty but pairing this with rice with kesong puti was able to somehow lessen the salty taste . 
Boobs ang shape ng rice nila. hahahaha. Kaloka.
Naugthy. Naughty. Naughty
P.S. I noticed though that they now have less food options compared to my previous visit. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Catch Lee Min Ho at Trinoma, Glorietta and MOA on Sunday!!

For us who can't get enough (I don't think I'll ever get enough!) Bench is giving us another opportunity to catch our Lee Min Ho Oppa at three different malls on Sunday, March 23, 2014.


All you have to do is purchase P 1,000.00 worth of Bench merchandise with So Inlove or Sure Blue fragrances to get a chance to receive a signed Lee Min Ho poster. Tingin ko personal niya iaabot 'yung poster!!!! :>

EDIT: Thanks to a reader for pointing this out. I didn't know about this because it wasn't announced last night. I thought that you'll automatically be given a signed poster once you buy worth P 1000.00 of Bench products but as what Bench said in their Instagram account earlier today, "
For every P1k worth of Bench purchases that includes Sure Blue or So In Love EDT in participating stores, a customer will automatically get an entry pass and a CHANCE to score an autographed poster of Lee Min Ho! Promo runs today until tom March 23 only." So raffle pa pala itez. 

But of course, should you opt not to buy Bench merchandise anymore and you're okay just by staring at him, you're still welcome to go there.

The venue and time are as follows:

5:00 PM - Glorietta ACTIVITY CENTER

Just like when Siwon and Donghae went here last 2012, pwede manood from sa mga upper floors link: here. Okay, lalayo pa ba e nung nagpunta si Lee Min Ho sa Glorietta dati, nakatingin lang din kami eh. Ang kaibahan lang talaga, 'yung bibili ay makakapasok at mabibigyan niya ng posters. 

Anyway, below are the pictures of today's FUNMEET. 

Just like most of us who attended tonight's event, I still can't get over!!

Ganern? Pag si LMH kahit puyat na ko e pinu-push ko pa talagang matapos 'to ngayon. hahaha!

Philippine All Stars Dancers and Sam Oh
Ayan na siyyyaaaaaa. <3

환영해요!! 너무 보고 싶었어요!!

Literal na dimples pa lang ulam na, wala kaya kaming dinner!! 
And the staring galore started the moment he entered the stage.

It was so hard not to stare at his face. MY GOLLY.

MY GOLLY ver. 2.0, inggit much ako sa mga naka-hug at naka-selfie! Kelan naman kaya ako?!
아주  잘 생긴 남자... 어떻게 그럴 수가 있어?
네가 보고 싶으면 어떻게 참지?

How can a man be that handsome????? Bawal talaga hindi tumingin! 
Unlike his first fanmeet, he sang this time which made the event a lot better. Only I was waiting for his booty shake!!

And I love it that he's now more comfortable interacting with the fans. Thank you, oppa for a kilig-filled night! Still hoping for a selfie/picture with you!

오빠의 집에 꼭 갈게!!

P.S. Grabe, lahat na ng "interaction" ko kay LMH nasa blog na 'to at post agad ang peg! Adik na adik lang. hahahahahaha.

아니, 그냥 사랑해 빠졌어. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healing Mass at Mama Piat, Bulacan

a.k.a Mama Piat Spirituality Center

It took me weeks before posting this here. I wanted to do a little research first because honestly, I don't know much about Mama Piat (Why is She is called Mama Piat, why is she darker than other Mama Mary etc. You may leave a comment if you know!) Comment na lang if you know 'cause obviously, wala pa rin akong alam kahit weeks na 'tong delayed. Pardon the lack of information. I'll just share what happened that morning and some information I got from their facebook page.

Healing Mass in this church is every first Tuesday of the month. 

We passed through NLEX, exit at Balagtas Interchange.

Here is the direction I got from their fb page link: here.
from MANILA, take NLEX and EXIT in BALAGTAS. Go thru Bustos and right to ANGAT. Before reaching the ANGAT PROPER, turn LEFT to DONA REMEDIOS TRINIDAD. This is somewhere the Memorial Park landmark. Follow road leading to DRT which will take you to Brgy Pulong Sampaloc. At the Police sub-station, TURN RIGHT TO Sitio Kutad, Brgy Camachile-Brgy Bayabas crossing. You will see the shrine a few meters as you turn. Follow Directions to Spirituality Center.

The real church is still under construction so masses are held in this covered court. We arrived early so I was still able to roam around the area and eat the pilgrim's food donations. Yes, may food before the mass na bigay ng mga nagsisimba din and tea!! Their tea was one of the best I've ever drunk, combination of avocado, pandan and guyabano. 
Mama Piat
My kind of gin.
Was able to find a vendor of fresh carabao milk, this bottle was sold for only P 30.00. My golly. Sana meron sa QC!
Sierra Madre Mountain Range loves me so much!!

Regina Rica link: here is also found in the stretch of Sierra Madre.
The future Sprituality center of Mama Piat.
For the healing part, they give out cue numbers before the mass starts to make it more systematic and orderly. 

It was my first time attending a mass with Fr. Egai de Jesus as the officiating priest, I heard that he also hosts a radio program at Radio Veritas. Anyway, I thought I no longer remember his homily but I was wrong. I still remember some of the things he said and,

"May mga panahon na hindi na natin alam, hindi na natin maipaliwanag. Kung bakit sa kabila ng obvious na nangyayari sa mundo ay may mga milagro pa ring tinatawag. Since healing 'yun, kung paano ang isang taong tinaningan na ng doktor at sinasasabing mabubuhay na lamang sa loob ng isang buwan ay nabuhay pa ng isang dekada? Hindi naman daw niya sinasabing hindi ka na maniwala sa doctors, syempre science is science pero pano nga ba kung tinaningan ka na di 'ba? Edi maniniwala ka na lang na mapapagaling ka ng faith mo."

At hindi ko na talaga naaalala. Dapat pala sinulat ko! haha.

Ay, sabi rin niya:

Sorry, Thank You and I love You... these are the hard words to say, aren't they?


Panalangin para Mahal na Birhen ng Piat

And then we spent the whole afternoon in Angat.

A part of Angat Dam. 
Ipo Dam na lang. Hihi.
La Mesa Dam link: here.

Angat Dam - Ipo Dam - La Mesa Dam are the major water sources of Metro Manila.
Panoramic View. Just Because

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Waive Your Credit Card's Annual Membership Fee!

Isang tawag ka lang! 

Guide for over thinkers and the like.
(Kunyari expert sa finance)

Last Monday, I received the electronic monthly billing statement of my JCB Credit Card from BDO and there was an additional P 1,500 charge for my annual membership fee. Oh em, isang taon na pala ang Lucky Cat ko na card.


1. Pay your monthly dues on time and in full. 
- It's really fortunate that in the first year of my credit card, I was able to pay all my monthly bills on time. There were even days when arte-arte lang ang gamit ng card tapos binabayaran ko agad pag-uwi ko 'yung bill (online banking) or binabayaran ko na agad bago pa 'yung due date para mapaikot ulit. Dami rin matitipid dito, waive na nga ng membership fee e hindi ka pa tadtad ng finance charges na pagkalaki-laki, 3.25% agad 'yan madalas.

Hope this continues and let's strive for a lifetime of paying our bills on time! Lezdodiz! hihi. We can! 

2. Use your card frequently. 
- Mas frequent, mas maganda but be sure to spend on necessities lang so you'd be able to pay your bill on time baka kasi mag over budget ka dahil lang gusto mo magamit ang card mo frequently. Or, kung kakain kayo sa labas at KKB naman. Collect mo 'yung bayad ng mga kasama mo tapos i-card mo na lang para may transaction ka. O diba, may pambayad ka na agad, may points ka pa sa card mo. 

Someone told me that religiously following these two tips shall give you good credit score/grade for a higher possibility of fee reversal. Actually sureball na nga raw 'yan on most banks eh. Pero para sa mga nali-late paminsan, may chance pa rin 'yan, minsan lang naman eh! Basta hindi habitual na nami-miss magbayad. Or sige, para dun sa hindi nakakapagbayad on time, try pa rin! Kayo din, laking tipid pa rin 'yan kahit papano pag na-reverse.

Balik sa kwento, pagkatapos kong makita 'yung bill ko ng Monday, tumawag ako sa customer service ng BDO nung Tuesday para mag-request at pagkatapos kuhanin 'yung details ko, pinaghintay ako sandali at approved na agad-agad. Magre-reflect daw 'yung reversal after three banking days at pagtingin ko kanina, andun na nga. 

E 'yung kinilig ako pagkakita ko niyan. Pera eh. hahahahaha

Sinabi ko na this is a guide for over thinkers kasi marami akong nakita na posts na sinabi pang aabot sa linyang ipapa-cut 'yung card para ma-waive 'yung fee at baka matakot na 'yung iba o 'yung iba naman ay hindi kaya mang-threat (anghel lang ang peg). E diba, mga over thinkers (kagaya ko minsan) extreme negative na agad ang iniisip? Kaya ko 'to ginawa para sabihin na, MADALI LANG MAGPA-WAIVE lalo kung okay ang records mo.

 Teka, pwede siguro sabihin 'yun kung may back-up card para just in case na hindi talaga pumayag e maluwag sa loob na ipa-cut 'yung card, pano naman kaming wala? Ayan, so ang point is kailangan daw talaga maganda 'yung record para ma-reverse ng walang hirap. Para bang regalo na lang 'yun ng bank mo sa'yo for 12 months of religiously paying your bills on time. Aarte pa ba sila sa request mo niyan?

God bless.
Kaya natin 'to! :D

Friday, March 14, 2014

Manang's Garlic Pork Rice Meal

Grabe, baka naman may nag-iisip ng dini-deprive ko sarili ko. hahahaha. Mukha bang dini-deprive? Pag nakita ako, wala na ngang makakapagsabi nun eh. Ako pa ang na-deprive sa lagay na 'to.

I don't know kung sadyang nagtitipid ako, walang oras, walang bagong nasusubukan o talagang hindi ko na pino-post dito mga pagkain ko. 

Dahil dyan, pagkain na ulit.

Here's my "recent" re-discovery, Garlic Pork Rice Meal. Matagal na raw kasi 'tong nasa menu nila and according to my Manang's 2013 post. Gusto ko na raw 'tong subukan noon pa. Manang's Fish Fillet 2013 link: here. 

Once a year ang peg, ganun?

First time trying their chicken last 2012. Link: here.

Since 2012, Manang's have improved a lot.

As for my order, it's fried pork chop (mapayat pero malaki) topped with garlic bits. First of, they were able to maintain the tenderness of the meat given that being thin, it's prone to overcooking. I love the special garlic bits. Those aren't all garlic, merong nakahalo na crunchy na hindi ko talaga malaman kung ano and they complement the porkchop well. AT! Unlike their chicken meal which comes with Manang's special sauces, Garlic Pork Rice meal comes with vinegar dip which made me like this meal more.  I am sensing a fourth time in Manang's! Because of this meal, hindi na lang annual ang visit. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

All Set For Lee Min Ho's Funmeet!

Got my invite and Bench merchandise today.

The supposed-to-be-title of this blog post was, "No more lower box tickets available for Lee Min Ho's fanmeet. I cry. :(" But thankfully I was able to find one this afternoon. As in it's the last available invite in the bench store I went at. 

Lee Min Ho as Global Benchsetter March 2014's Funmeet Mechanics link: here.

I was actually at SM North yesterday but when the cashier was done punching all my items, she told me that there's no more Lower Box invite left and she was recommending that I buy Patron (worth P 1,600.00) instead. It's not an option since I want to stay at somewhere close yet I'm seated so I asked her to just void everything. It's either Lower or Upper Box for me. Pero bet talaga ang lower box. Huhuhu. 

I was so disappointed yesterday and then decided that I shall go to other Bench stores today to look for invites. Ganun ka-adik? I was at Herbench (lesson learned) and asked the cashier first if they had invites, they had none so I left. Incidentally, my friend texted me to ask where I was so I was able to ask her if there's another Bench branch in that mall (Ayoko kasi nagtatanong sa authorities. Hadn't she replied, hindi ko siguro mahahanap) and she told me that there is. I replied, "Pupuntahan na ba kita o puntahan ko muna 'yung sa Bench?" Half my mind wanted to go to her immediately but then the other half (that part which controls my feet) was already making my feet walk. Nagtanong pa 'ko kung hindi rin pala ko maghihintay ng reply. hahaha. 

So there, long story short, I had to visit three stores just to get this invite. Aarte pa ba na hindi bra ang nabili ko? hahahahahahahahahhaha.

Summer na summer lang peg ko.

Flip-flops, neon pink na bag pack, and So Inlove na eau de toilette. :))

Cute din ng design ng paper bag nila, #LiveLifewithFlavor. Yes, Bench. Ang pangit naman ng life pag unflavored. Hindi masarap. Nye. -_-

The Global Benchsetter fanmeet on the 21st shall start at 7:00 PM!

Dear Blogosphere Fairygodmother, kahit isang picture lan
g kasama si Lee Min Ho please! Paki-push! :D :D :D

오빠, 나랑 사진 찍자. 응?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

SM Prestige and why I don't watch movies at SM Cinemas anymore.

You can't apply for SM Prestige immediately. You'd have to own an SM Advantage card first, spend a cumulative amount of P 300,000 or more at SM establishments and only then can you get upgraded to this elite membership. An e-mail shall be sent to you by SM when you've reached the spending level.

Privileges and perks of owning an SM Prestige Card and the reason why I don't watch movies at SM Cinemas anymore. 

It has been almost five months since the Super Junior concert which caused us heartbreak because we wasted P 3,500 each. Here's the blog post and rant about the poorest of the poor customer service combined with poorest of the poorest product and service knowledge of SM Tickets and E-Plus staffs. Link click: here. I don't think I'll spend even a centavo for an e-plus reload again because those staff from the concert have tainted what "e-plus convenience" means to me. If something goes wrong, they aren't liable for anything... really not worth it so I'd rather use cash.

Until now, no one has contacted us regarding our complaint (alam kong umaasa sa wala) and okay, in our own little ways, we're trying to get back at them by not watching movies in SM Cinemas. Kapal e noh. Laki kasi naming kawalan eh. hahaha. I have seen more than 15 movies in the last five months and watched them at Eastwood, Promenade, Greenbelt, Glorietta, Gateway, Market! Market!, Shangri-la, Trinoma and Robinson's Magnolia cinemas. Oo na, alam kong napaka lakwatsera ko. 

There was this one time, we were at SM Aura to eat and we decided to watch Frozen but since it was SM, I refused so we transferred to another mall. Imagine the hassle, effort, and price of rebelling!  Hahahahaha. But in all fairness (not saying this because I have a grudge against E-plus and SM Tickets), the cinemas/theaters that I enumerated earlier have better cinematic experience than SM Cinemas. hehe. Better seats, better big screens, and better sounds etc.

Lelz anyway, 

Last month, my SM Advantage card got elevated to SM Prestige card. I am now an official Prestige card holder. I've/We've spent more than P 300,000 in less than two years of being an advantage card holder. 

And as a Prestige card holder, what can I enjoy?

Got these from their website:

  • Valet shopping (with prior reservation), priority fitting rooms and concierge services at The SM Store. Concierge services include gift wrapping, bill payment assistance and other member-related services.
  • Courtesy check-out lanes in SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket.
  • Free access to the SM Prestige Lounge.
  • Free delivery(with minimum purchase) at SM Appliance Center and Ace Hardware.
  • Personal shopping assistance from a toy specialist at Toy Kingdom.
  • 5% discount (with minimum purchase) at Sports Central and Nike.
  • Exclusive discounts and freebies from hundreds of Prestige Lifestyle Partners such as restaurants, hotels & resorts, spas & fitness centers, boutiques and specialty establishments.

As in shems, diz is da lyf. 

Once we went to SM North to buy something and the line at the cashier was long (sale kase) then the other cashier Ate was shouting, 

"Dito na po 'yung Prestige Card holders. Wag na po kayo pumila dyan."

Parang ako, "Oh okay, I'm so sarreh. Ang sossy ng card ko, guys."

Experienced the same V.I.P treatment and convenience in Save More and in their The SM Store fitting rooms.

Even so, none of these perks would make me forget the pain those E-Plus staffs from five months ago gave us. Hahahaha. Medyo bawal magpatawad eh. 

Since boycotting The SM Store as a whole will just bring me hassle. This powerless and voiceless "revenge", duh as if naman nararamdaman nila talaga ang kawalan sa'kin, is just an inconvenience on my part.

I'll just utilize my new Prestige card and take advantage of it in every way possible and then continue not patronizing SM cinemas and E-plus just because. Just because hindi ako makalimot. OA. Hahahaha. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

TALAGA? MAY ATM KA?! (Bakit ba kailangan ng Savings Account?)

I-caps lock mo para intense. 

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako nagta-type ng blog post na 'to eh. Ako na aminadong hindi naman matipid pa ang may ganang magsulat nito. Kung di ba naman medyo counterproductive na magsabi akong mag-ipon pero hindi naman ako 100% na ganun. Ayyy, gusto ko na magbago okay. Sino pa ba kasing magdadamayan kundi tayo-tayo na lang rin na gustong maka-ipon, diba? HAHAHAHA. Meron kasi akong gagastusan sa May tas naubos ko 'yung naimpok ko, (impok haha ang TMI lang). Sa totoo niyan kaya ko 'to naisip kasi may nagulat kanina na may ATM card raw pala ko, may sinabi raw sakanya dati na mahirap mag-open ng ganung account. Gusto ko sanang gawin 'to 'yung tipong nakatulog ako ng maayos para mas matino ng very very light, hindi 'yung ngayon na 1 oras lang tulog ko tas lakas ko pa mag-post. Pero dahil sa impulsive at medyo impatient akong tao. Push ko 'to! Sana may matinong maisulat. 

Siguro this post would be more applicable to students or those who don't know much about Savings Account. Basics lang po 'to and some reasons why you might want to open your own S.A. too. 



Meron. I actually have three Savings Account in three local  banks. Oyy, before getting the wrong idea. Hindi lahat 'yun may laman, wish ko lang talaga. hahahaha. Hobby lang ganyan. May collection ng ATM cards. Joke. Meron kasi iba't ibang purposes 'yun kung bakit tatlo.

Kung sa tingin mo e mahirap mag-open ng Savings Account, mahal o kaya kulang ka sa requirements, think again for a million times more. Basta may valid ID ka (madali lang naman magpagawa kung wala) at opening balance, makakahanap ka ng banko na tatanggap sa'yo o bagay sa'yo. 

Hindi naman na dapat nakakagulat kung may Savings Account ang isang tao, sino ba sa'tin ang ayaw maka-ipon? Ako gusto ko, panglakwatsa. hihihi.

*We have several banks in the Philippines and each of them has different requirements, opening balance and minimum balance.

For starters, you might want to consider these two savings account:

Okay na? Nabasa mo na?

If your goal is to save money, I'd recommend opening BPI EASY SAVERS. 
Sobrang nakakahinayang mabawasan ng P 5.00 per withdrawal, seryoso. Kaya ang ilalagay mo lang dun is 'yung for savings mo na talaga at hindi 'yung pera na kaya mo lang nilagay kasi trip lang. Sige ka, P 5.00 'yan for every withdrawal. Paano pa kung sa ibang bank na ATM ka magwi-withdraw? Daming charges! Dagdag motivation na rin siguro to save kung alam mong bawat withdraw mo eh may mababawas sa pera mo. 

If your goal is to have an account to place your money in before spending, I'd recommend opening Eastwest Basic Savings Account. 
Okay fine. Syempre mago-open ka niyan 'cause you want to save diba pero if you're like me na arte lang or kasi ayoko lang ng cash, ito Basic Savings Account na. 
Kasi diba, may klase ng savings na hindi long term? Tipong tipid mode ng kaunti to buy something after a month or after a few weeks? Yan, feel ko mas okay 'to. Maliban sa VISA kasi 'yung card e wala masyadong charges kapag nagwi-withdraw (lalo pag Eastwest Bank din 'yung ATM) at wala rin charge kapag may P.O.S transactions. 


Hindi naman basic need ang Savings Account but we need one if we want to start managing our money better. Naks, lakas e noh. Parang nama-manage better nga. hahahaha.

Okay, magde-depende 'to sa kung anong sitwasyon mo, case to case basis. Bakit mo nga ba kailangan?

Para sa'kin, kaya ako merong Savings Account kasi:

1. Hindi effective sa'kin maghulog sa piggy bank o sa alikansya ng cash. Yes naman, alikansya. haha. Loko lang wala na 'kong ganyan pero pakiramdam ko kasi mas nakakatulong na meron akong Savings Account para hindi madaling magastos 'yung pera. Sa totoong buhay kasi, pa-20 20 lang ng bawas tapos magugulat ka na lang na wala ka na palang pera. 

2. Kailangan ko kasi maarte ako. Ayoko paminsan gumagamit ng cash kasi ayoko ng sinusuklian ako ng barya lalo pag may binibili ako sa department stores o grocery. hahahaha. Pag dinirekta na kasi 'yung bayad sa debit card, maski 'yung kadulu-duluhang P .83 ng babayaran mo, saktong sakto lang 'yan na ibabawas sa'yo. Hindi ka na rin makukulangan ng P .05 sa suklian.  

3. May record sa banko. Sabi kasi meron mga requirements paminsan na kinakailangan tignan 'yung bank records mo. Kunyari ako, pupunta ko ng Korea tas kailangan ko magpasa na meron akong enough funds sa bank para mag-tour e madali akong makakahingi. Pero dahil requirement ata ang show money kung pupunta ng S.Kor, good luck naman sa'kin. Baka makapasa 'yung pera ko. hahaha. Pilipinas na lang ulit, hindi pa kailangan ng show money. (pero malay ko naman diberrr!)

4. At kung sakaling matuloy ako ng Korea dahil nakapasa 'yung bank certificate ko edi meron akong ATM card na madadala dun pag magwi-withdraw ako ng pera. 

5. Dyan kasi nagsisimula ang lahat. Hindi naman ako nag-apply ng credit card pero dahil sa Savings Account ko sa BDO e nakatanggap ako ng pre-approved JCB credit card na isang taon ko ng ginagamit ngayon. 

Mag-iisip pa ko ng ibang dahilan... edit ko na lang to ulit. 

Ikaw ba, bakit mo gusto ng Savings Account?

Take note though that placing your money in a savings account just because you're hoping to receive interest will lead you nowhere. Masyadong maliit ang interest rates ng banks, as in malulugi ka na nga lang sa mga service charges pag magwi-withdraw ka. Ang kaibahan lang talaga sa banks saka sa bahay mo itatago 'yung pera ay 'yung safety at 'yung banking documents etc.

I don't really know how banks compute their interest but ito lang din.

 Simple interest:

For example you have P 2,000 sa S.A mo na may .25% na annual interest.

2,000 x .0025 = P 5.00 less 20% tax pa 'yan ha. 

Pag monthly, P 5.00 (less 20% tax) divided by 12, 'yan palang 'yung interest na mac-credit sa'yo. Laki noh! Isang buwan 'yan pinaghirapan ng pera natin na nakadeposit tapos 'yung mga P .25, P .10 at P .5 sa bahay, tinatapon lang. BIGAY NIYO NA LANG SA'KIN. MAY COLLECTION AKO NUN. Hahahaha. 

Any corrections? suggestions? questions? and/or violent reactions? :))

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Coldstone Creamery, SM North EDSA

My fantasy to eat their Cheesecake Fantasy Signature Creation came true. Hahaha. Maisingit lang.

I first saw Coldstone Creamery in Serendra at BGC. It's located at a corner in Serendra fronting Market! Market! so when you're from Market! walking to Serenda (or vice versa), I bet you've passed by their BGC branch already. The first thing I noticed when I passed there wasn't their ice cream actually but their energetic staff/service. That time, I saw a guy tossing a scoop of ice cream first before mixing it with other add-ons in the "cold stone." Medyo may entertainment value pala dun eh. Uy, kakaibang experience. Then my second "encounter" was in Mall of Asia. That night we had the intention of eating but the place was so packed so we just looked for another place to eat at.

Long story short, I was able to try Coldstone Creamery in their branch closer to home- SM North EDSA.
Sobrang fail lang when he was making my order.

He scooped out the plain cheesecake ice cream, tossed it up in the air but he wasn't able to catch it and that whole scoop landed on the floor. Okay, nanghinayang ako dun ah. So he scooped another one again which he placed directly on the frozen stone,  ayy wala ng show.

Anyway, this is basically how they prepare ice creams with mix-ins. You'll choose your ice cream flavor, your preferred mix-in and they'd prepare it there in front of you.
If you're like me who would rather settle for the sure ball, they have a list of their "Signature Creations" posted on the wall. 

When I was about to get my order from the Ate, she asked me,

"Ma'am, catch?"
Parang ako since hindi ko agad naintindihan, "Okay."

Tas, "Ready na po." As in nakaayos na siyang ipa-catch sa'kin 'yung lalagyan ng ice cream ko.

"Huh? OMG Catch pala. Hindi Ate, abot mo na lang." 

 Natatawa na lang din ako sa sarili ko pag may mga ganyang moments na nahahalata ng ibang tao na hindi ko iniintindi sinasabi nila. Hahahaha. 
Here's my order

Gotta Have It (4th size)
P 198.00

You also have an option to add waffle though obviously I chose not to.

This Cheesecake Fantasy is a mixture of cheesecake ice cream, crushed grahams, blueberries and strawberries.

This one's really good. It's like eating a real cheesecake in ice cream form. Oh diba, ang galing ko talaga mag-explain? haha. Pero seryoso, cheesecake kasi na cheesecake 'yung lasa. Unlike other ice cream shops that are offering cheesecake ice cream only to find cheesecake bits in the ice cream para matawag na cheesecake. In Coldstone, the ice cream itself is the cheesecake. Not to mention that while we were eating, the staffs sang with choreography pa nga. 

Perfect for summer! Malapit na uy!!
Kahit summer weather naman na ang init sa Pilipinas.

P.S. Sana lang may free (service) water.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi March!!

And then the next thing you know, it's already the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 2014. 

Pagkatapos ibuhos ng lahat sa last post ko. Nilagay ko na ata sa isang post lahat ng pwede kong sabihin. Wala na tuloy akong masabi ngayon. Wala rin akong plano. Joke. Meron pero saka ko na lang sasabihin pagkatapos. Ay except for Lee Min Ho's funmeet opcors, lammonayaneh. :))


33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Ayan 'yung part ng Gospel for March 2.

Do not worry daw. 

God bless. :)
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