Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine (Lucban, Quezon)

It was around 9 am when we arrived at Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Shrine which is situated in a slope of Mt. Banahaw or hilly part of Tinamnan Village, Lucban, Quezon. It is a popular attraction for faithfuls and tourists especially during the Lenten Season. I was also there last year, but what I saw last Thursday and Friday was WOAH. 

We decided to form in line and climb to Heaven before entering the church.

Hats are like the fashion statement when you're going there. Several kinds of hats are sold outside. I bought mine for 35.00 from the parking hill only to find out that it was sold 25.00 near the gate of the church. Oh well. 

And we finally reached the gate.
Be sure to wear appropriate clothes or you won't be allowed to enter.

That Noah's Ark is a house of prayer which operates like a hotel if I'm not mistaken. There is also a playground for the youngsters.

And we've finally started the 300 steps climb to Heaven under the scorching heat. 

On the way up are statues depicting the fourteen stations of the cross.

Be cautious of what you're stepping at and your surroundings on your way up. It's safe but just pay more attention to prevent accidents.

Yey and we safely reached the 50 feet statue of the Ascending Chist!

And the way down? it's easier than going up.

From the church, you can see the long lines of people and umbrellas going up the hill. This pic was taken around 12 noon. Imagine how hot was that. 

The drive of the people was so great nothing can stop them (us) from climbing.

At the back is the faux Mt. Mayon. 
I was fooled the first time I went there.

There are life sized statues everywhere.

What amazes me is that everyone was so patient. Even if it was really hot and there are so many people, everyone remained calm and I think I haven't heard any complains. Truly, the whole experience is worth it. Not only will one satisfy his/her spiritual needs, the picturesque view also made it very enjoyable. You must not miss visiting the place when you're in the area.

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