Pilipit and My 3rd Time at Stairway To Heaven

We went back at Kamay ni Hesus Shrine to attend the 7 Last Words, we took the public utility jeepney from Tayabas to Lucban, a ride is 20.00 per person, just imagine how long was that but hey, it was still enjoyable. 

Half way, Ate rode the jeepney with a bilao of newly cooked pilipit, a native delicacy made of malagkit, kalabasa and pulot. A piece costs 6.00 and I ate three. I hope I was the first who bought from her, 'cause I'm a lucky buena mano, she might be able to sell everything even before the day ends! hahahaha. Joke. Just that after I bought, everyone there tried it too. She probably sold a lot while in the jeep.

This is what it looks like with a banana leaf holder
. They don't use plastics there, so if you're going at Lucan or at Kamay ni Hesus area, bring your bag for pasalubongs 'cause they all use newspapers and leaves. Very eco-friendly.

The dizzying number of people climbing the Stairway to Heaven, much more than those who climbed on Maundy Thursday.

And here he is, Fr. Joey Faller, a healing priest and one of the reasons why Kamay ni Hesus was developed and has become a very beautiful yet solemn place. He was the speaker for the 7 Last Words, very touching but at times, funny. I hope to meet him personally soon and attend one of his healing masses. 

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