Quezon Province, 1st Day Morning

We arrived there Wednesday night, slept to get ready for the next day.

Here I am buwis-buhay pose at the second floor of the house we stayed at.
You can see Banahaw Volcano Complex from the house. Banahaw complex consists of I think four volcanoes , I'm only familiar with Mt. Banahaw de Lucban (v top) and Mt. Cristobal (w top), they're twin volcanoes and the locals refer to the first as Holy and the latter as the Devil's Volcano because of the negative vibe it gives those who climb it. There are some places where one can mistook Mt. Banahaw for Mt. Mayon because of its shape, yes, I was fooled.
And the calf with a thing for red.
I thought only bulls run after the color red. 

Pancit habhab, bread, and a slice of freshly-picked papaya for breakfast.

And from Tayabas, we then traveled to Lucban.

Hmm... lambanog, anyone? 

See the grains? They are almost ready to be harvested. Pahiyas festival's next month!
At the parking hill near  Kamay ni Hesus.
I so loved the view everywhere.

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