Basilica Minore de San Miguel Arcangel y Calle Budin

When I was younger, my Tita would always tell me to call on St. Michael, the Archangel everytime I feel scared or whenever I feel unsafe. So I was thrilled upon knowing that this church that we visited was his Basilica. We weren't able to enter though and just looked from outside. 

When we left the church, we passed by this Spanish-looking Casa that was under-renovation. I snapped a picture with it... Hmm, would this be the lucky charm for my Ilocos trip? HOPE SO.
Don't know where to buy pasalubong when you're in Tayabas, Quezon? Look for Calle Budin then. Just ask around, this street where you can buy native delicacies is famous. 
Budin or Cassava Cake as what we call it here it Quezon City costs P 25.00 per piece.

Aside from this, they also sell Lucban Longganiza for 65.00 per dozen.

This cake which name I don't know tastes very good. I also don't know the name of the bakery where they bought this but look for it when you're there. One of the bakeries near the wet market. :))

Yema Cakes are also a must taste.

I back rode the tricycle from the Market to the house we're staying at. Really living like a local, eh?

Because of the long jeepney routes and tricycles available, going around Lucena, Tayabas and Lucban Quezon is easy even for first-timers.

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