Nilupak of Quezon

 The next activity that day was to try making a Quezon delicacy, NILUPAK.
First we harvested cassava from the backyard.

They peeled them for boiling.

Some were fried. These are kamote-fries.

After boiling, just soft and not soggy.

They're ready to be hand-milled. And this is not an easy task!

I kept on pounding the ingredients (kamote, sugar, condensed milk and peanut butter) hard for around ten minutes, I was perspiring like crazy from the hard work and my fingers were shaking after! good thing my nilupak didn't come out salty.. haha. LOL. It was still a fun experience anyway. 

And this has got to be the best and tastiest and most sumptuous and most delicious and most delectable and finger-licking nilupak ever made! Of course I'm exaggerating, but the mere fact that it was I who hand-milled this makes it more special than anything else. ;)

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