Eye of MOA at San Miguel by the bay

It was a spontaneous decision of two SM North jaded persons to catch the sunset at Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the bay today. We went there with just enough money left for back and forth rides and food. That was the plan, watch the sunset, eat and ride the MRT back to TriNoMa. 

Upon seeing the Ferris’ Wheel as it turned on its colorful lights; we couldn't help it and tried despite our complains about it being overpriced. 

It has been months of stopping ourselves from paying P150.00 each for a 10 minutes ride on the biggest Ferris’ Wheel (which is 180 feet tall) in the country up to date anyway.

And we really cave in.

Thank God I have no acrophobia or else I'll miss the chances of seeing views as beautiful as these.

Seeing the metro lights and being more than 180 feet above gave me that kind of high I haven't felt in a while. Dare-devil much? But this isn't scary especially when you're already up there though I admit that I felt slight nervousness before boarding the gondola. Haha.

Forgone our food and rode, was it worth it? Perhaps but mmm, it just ended like that, not even lasted for 10 minutes. Eye of Moa isn't an attraction I can always try everytime I'm in the vicinity but it's a must-ride for first timers. I still wish it'd be cheaper or if not, be a bit longer though.

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