Mind Museum Playground

My friend and I decided to visit the Mind Museum at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


P 720.00 (?) for a whole day pass, I don't really recommend getting this unless there are so much people who are visiting too that you'd have to wait before your turn in trying out an experiment. Three hours is enough to explore the place and watch the two videos.

P 600.00 for an adult pass
P 450.00 for a private student pass
P 150.00 for a public student pass

*Students: bring a valid ID or any proof that you're enrolled.

If an open mouth is a sign of astonishment. 
Just imagine how amazed I am while trying everything out.
I've always wanted a picture inside a soap bubble.
 However, since it was so hot, the bubble would pop fast so I had no chance to look at the camera and I had to protect my eyes from the soap.

Funny how I get excited so easily by just this.
 You are to place those rubber sticks to mimic how a dam works.

Peep through this and have a chance to experience how animals are seeing things.

You whisper something in the yellow plate and the person on the other side of the dome would hear.
Pretty much like what I saw on the movie, Arthur.

My friend told me that there was a boy following us because he's enjoying watching me and copying everything I do.
 True enough, I really saw him and his parents on every playground exhibit I went at.

When visiting places like this, us, adults should really bring with us our inquisitiveness. 

After about an hour of playing, it was almost 12 nn so we had to line up to enter the museum.

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