Goya Pretzel Twists

I love dark chocolates and for its price of P 6.50, I've just found myself another cheap treat to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I know that this had been out in the market for a really long time already but I only got to try it recently, it's my fault for snobbing locally made chocolates most of the times.

P.S. Eversince I decided to create this blog, I've been able to log most of my food intake, I realized that I really eat a lot, and actually, I've been afraid to step on a weighing scale for the past months but I did today despite the fear. And?... I've maintained the weight I had since December 2011! I mean, it's obvious that I'm not dieting but it's a relief that I didn't get any heavier.  Well, my BMI is above normal but fine. Whenever I look at my pictures when my weight fitted the required mass index, I was so haggard-looking, yes, worse than how I look these days. My current physique suits me. (hehe, palusot??)

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