Wang Mart Korean Grocery, Bel-Air, Makati

Do you want to try cooking Korean cuisine and doesn't know where Korean groceries are? Or you just want to feel a little closer to your Korean crushes by visiting any place related to Korea? Or you're just bored? (HAHA!) Whatever your reason is, let me introduce you to one of the Korean groceries I've been at. 

It's Wang Mart at Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati. Their telephone number is 897-43-23

While I don't have yet much pictures of the interior, I have this...

i geo muo yah?
Sorry, I can't really romanize.

What is this?
Tteokbokki Ramyeon

Inside that grocery store is a little kiosk which serves Korean foods and this is one of the menu.
This ramyeon may be not much but it's really filling; probably because it had rice cakes with it, and delicious despite being really really spicy! Their Kimchi had other vegetable leaves which I all don't know the names. Nonetheless, still good. Again, Kimchi and/or other Korean foods are acquired taste. In my case, at least.

So here, I might be updating this soon if my friends and I would have the chance to re-visit.

Again, looking for a grocery which has all your Korean goodies and foodies needs which price is not that steep? This is one of the places worth visiting! 

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