Mind Museum

Explore the whole area as if you were a child again.
Be curious and appreciate all the exhibits, they're fun and amazing!

I saw some kids just playing with their Ipad and other gadgets while inside. SAYANG!!
This is Aedi, she (?) welcomes all the visitors.
Leave now if you want.

The next part would be, yes, the Mind Museum but sad to say, I'm also included in most of the pictures. So if you don't want to see my vanity, feel free to close the window or visit another blog. LOL!

But in case you won't mind, you're welcome.

I won't be explaining everything, this is some sort of a photo essay.

This is like a room where DNA pictures are being projected and explained.
Memorize ko 'to nung Elementary ako!! Hindi na lang ngayon.

And here at the Universe Gallery, there's an astronaut suit. DUH? hehe
If you're gonna watch the 30-minutes long video, stay in the middle.|
 It's a 3-D theater and it didn't even felt like 30 minutes but it was. Enjoy lang.

Hi, Stan!

A face of someone who brings destruction to the city and this is all I came up with. Haha.

Free arcade area!!
Play with the light and mirrors and direct the laser to the target.
And the reason why you should read instructions is to prevent yourself from doing something as embarrassing as this!
I recorder myself smiling like an idiot when I should be saying which technology is my favorite. 

Earth at night in another 3D mini movie.
Kaya naman pala natin makisabay eh!
The movie was produced locally but it was good, the graphics were great!

No place to rest but this stairs.

Pasan ko ang daigdig. Oo, mabigat. haha
Making my own tornado.

We aren't supposed to enter there, are we? :))
Scary sound cave! 

I wonder what it feels to be a part of the exhibit. hahaha

Static electricity!

Kulang 'yung pictures ko, there were more exhibits than what I've posted here.

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