The FaceShop Sseal Royal Jelly Moisture Cream

I couldn't find any information on this so it has been in my cabinet for months and realized that I should just look up the benefits of Royal Jelly and 

these are some of the infos I've gathered through various websites:

1. tightens the skin
2. stops the growth of bacteria that causes various skin infections
3. promotes the formation of collagen
4. reduces the effects of radiation on skin

The consistency is very thick like that of a honey (DUH!)  Its consistency is probably the reason why it kind of felt sticky the first few seconds but the product was still absorbed, you just have to wait for a few moments.

I always prefer unscented products whenever it's for my face since I have a really sensitive skin but even if it felt like this was heavily scented, it didn't matter since there was no stinging feeling and I actually loved the smell!
I used this as night cream until I've used up the entire content, for a whole week if I'm not mistaken.
  (I don't like it to be used as day cream, it's a bit sticky)

On the nights that I used this, I woke up looking a bit fresh and my face wasn't oily like usual. I guess one has to use this for a longer period of time to see more effects. I've emptied the entire content so I won't be using this anymore but if I were to buy myself a moisturizing cream, this would surely be one of my options 'cause the whole of it was okay, especially 'cause it didn't break me out. 

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