Taco Bell!! (Trinoma)

As much as I wanted to take decent pictures all the time, I can't do that unless I upgrade my current Android phone with a unit with better camera or a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I think I'd love to own someday, it seems like a great phone! 
*insert '@SMARTcares, I want #SMARTGalaxyS3!' here.* Haha! 

Most of the time I have my digital camera with me but at times I don't or it's a hassle bringing it out, I opt to take pictures using my phone. Well, gotta admit, they're not that bad.

Anyway, here goes Mexican fast food.

Tacos, Cheese Quesadilla, Churros and two 16 oz drinks cost P 249.00

Cheezy Potatoes (?) costs around P 49.00

Grande Soft Taco costs around P 69.00

I think I had the drinks upsized, everything costs around P 380.00

I just eat whatever I had ordered but I don't miss out on Churros.

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