Sambokojin Smokeless Grill, West Avenue

Picture Heavy.
And I've gotten heavier too. 

This is the first time I ate here at Sambokojin, there's a new branch at West Avenue so it's closer to home. No need to travel to Eastwood and EDSA.

My friends asked me if we should make a reservation since they did when they ate at Eastwood branch, I told her no since it's lunchtime weekday anyway. But the reason why I didn't was because I was too lazy to call. Good thing we arrived there first, yes, we opened the restaurant! (But, I guess, to be safe, just make reservations)

We were so shy as we entered, they were all like paying attention to us. It was the first time for me to experience that there was someone grilling our food in an eat-all-you-can and he also introduced the sauces on the table and the buffet rules. It made us feel uneasy (Sa fastfood kasi madalas eh. Hindi sanay ng inaasikaso. Haha) but I commend that still, the service was great! Also, we need not to ask for water refills and table clean-up, they were really attentive.

No macro shots but still okay, I guess.
I had to make it work. 

And the grilling and the "gluttony-ing" shall begin.

Those are the sauces.
especially loved their very own, Sambokojin Sauce

Several kinds of tempura to choose from and tofu with beef.

First time eating sushi with kiwi fruit.
Ssang Chu Sam!!
Loved the anchovies and sweet potato from the Korean banchan section. Gusto ko pa ngang kumuha eh, nakalimutan ko lang.
there are tiger prawns, super sarap lang.
I heart prawns!
Miso Soup
They'd ask which soup would you prefer, we told him to decide for us and gave us this.
Undecided first-timers!

Kamameshi Rice
I would always refrain from eating rice whenever it's an eat-all-you-can buffet, but this is a different thing.
And they served us sauces, tig-isang container na maliit lahat.
I mean, nasa table lang naman but they poured it for us still.
Oh, so pampered!
Tadah! Clean table once again.

Time for desserts!
I loooooooved everything on this plate. And there were more choices but these were all I could handle.
Grabe! Busog!

That awkward moment when your desserts have better lovelife than you. Haha
Sabi nung friend ko when I pointed that out, "I-kain mo na lang."

So here, ice cream! What else can uplift your mood than an ice cream and chocolate?

Pero, di naman ako masyadong malungkot over that thing.

Super sarap lang mag-takaw kanina kaya maraming nakain.

Showing off my nail art... baliw lang.
Tip namin? 4.00
Haha. Sorry naman, mga batang walang sobrang pera na.

Today, a friday and lunchtime, the rate was P 499.00 per person.

First time, and hopefully not the last. There are still way too many foods to try. 

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