Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

My friends and I tried ice skating at MOA yesterday, we were all first timers except for one. She knows her thing while the rest if us were trembling at first, trembling with excitement? fear? low temperature? I say, ALL.

For P 390.00, an unlimited weekend pass inclusive of shoes rental and the chance to learn a new skill... worth it, isn't it? 

P 30.00 for a locker, and there are also available kuyas whom you can pay for skating tutorials.

P.S All pics are from them, I can barely manage skating much more operating a camera. 

There isn't a different fee for shoe rental, it's included with the entrance fee, just have to bring your socks with you.

I learned.
But only when I have companions I can skate from one end to another.

I didn't fell down,  but I didn't skate around alone that much either. I had to stay by the sides so I'd have something to hold onto on most times. Or I'd have to ask them to stay with me and go near the center so we can skate alone going back to the railings. Haha
Foam snow

This is what I'm talking about, 50% of the time, I was just there practicing at the sides. Hahaha.

It's not like I came there with the expectations of learning nor being good, but I did! Well, not that good, but I learned. I just have to try skating again and maybe break through the barriers that are stopping me.

You may learn the basics from watching,  from reading a book and by asking pointers from others, but the best thing is to get down there and try. You may need the help of others or look for something to hold onto at first, but once you've gathered enough courage, you'd be able to let go of the railings or hands of your friends and go farther by yourself. 

It was a tiresome but very enjoyable night!
Now waiting for our second time..

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