Etude House Matte Top Coat

I purchased a Matte Top Coat from Etude House.
P 198.00

Sorry for the picture quality. I'm currently having my other camera repaired, and the cam that I'm using now doesn't have a macro setting. 

This is my third nail art design. I had this on my finger nails for like a week.

I didn't really want to make a new one but since the polish on my left index finger chipped, I decided to and this is the end result.
I was lazy to make designs for all my 10 fingernails so I just created an accent nail design. (Yes, meganon!!)

The last two pics were after I top coated it with the Matte Top Coat, I'll be uploading a more decent picture soon, maybe on another design. (Still hoping that my Canon is repairable)

I really liked the effect of the top coat, I liked matte nail polish eversince the first time I tried it but as I looked for it, a bottle is a bit expensive so good thing I found this top coat at Etude, this saved me so much money. And, I can now mattify all the nail polishes I have.

Guess who's now starting a new collection. Hahaha.

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