Petroleum Jelly to Moisturize Feet

 An old wives tail or an effective moisturizer?

There would be mixed responses when you try to search about that on the internet. 

Here's my experience though.

Here's the feet that needed extra care tonight.

And they looked weird, had to pixelate them. haha.
Before going to bed, lather some petroleum jelly, massage feet and slip on socks.

I do this probably once to twice a month (when I remember to hahaha) but it's a practice that I've been doing for several years.

Yes, it somehow moisturizes the feet the next day but washing it off is a bother. It doesn't get off the skin right away. And I don't like sleeping in socks.
There is a cotton bud which I cut into two because this tub was for my eyelashes and lips.
 *Hygienic Purposes*
Just buy two small tubs of this if you're planning to use some for your eyes and feet.

I used this as lib balm (high school) and eye lashes moisturizer (since two years ago)

I sometimes apply this on my lashes before I go to bed.
 I don't like the sticky feeling and the smell of it but I felt that I had no choice since I curl my lashes. Falling off is the last thing I'd want to happen and according to some, not only do this strengthens it also lengthens. It may have strengthened and moisturized my lashes, but no, I can't attest that it lengthened.

 But I found an alternative to this in Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Oil, April this year so I hadn't been using it for months. Sunflower oil does a better job in making my eyelashes healthy and it's all natural! Yay.

So there, if you're researching about the effects of this that's why you've stumbled on this post.
I suggest that you try it out yourself, vaseline or petroleum jelly isn't that expensive.

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  1. I'm also doing this to moisturize my feet 'coz I think lotion won't be enough.