On Growing Up With National Bookstore (Laking National Loyalty Card)

Nag-renew ako ng Laking National Card kaninang hapon sa Trinoma, ang bilis lang dahil andun na rin sakanila 'yung machine na gagawa ng bagong card.

Renewal fee:
P 100.00 but P 60.00 for students with I.D


I redeemed my points

 And paid nothing for all these. 


Almost P 500.00 ang laman nung card, with that amount I have spent almost or more than (there are times when I didn't bring my card with me) P 50,000.00 at National Bookstore for the past three years. 

The card functions on rebate system that gives you P 10.00 for every P 1000.00.

I think Laking National Card has some other perks aside from this but those I don't know.

Alam mo pa ba kung ano pang pwedeng pag-gamitan ng Laking National Card? Tell me. :)

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