Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard

We renewed my younger sister's Shakey's Supercard tonight so we dined in.

"Ma'am, i-c-claim niyo na po ba 'yung points ng card niyo?"
"Oo, tas ire-renew na rin."

Pagbalik nung kuya,
"21.00 pa lang po laman eh pero ibabawas pa rin po."

Ang dami ng tawa ko eh. (inside joke.k.)

Our usual pasta order
Baked Italian Sausage Penne Solo
(P 165.00)

 Pizza Castellana
P 317.00

This was recently introduced so it was our first time.
Spanish Chorizo, red onion strips, red pepper strips, cheese on a thin crust pizza.
It looks like pepperoni but it isn't, the slices were bigger.
This is good, a break from our usual Pepperoni and Manager's Choice order.

P 160.00
Another addition to their menu was this lasagna or they just recreated it?
I'm not aware.
But this one's also good, I love that they used mozzarella cheese.
And, mojos. 
P 95.00
What more can I say about this?

So back to the Loyalty Card, despite it having just P 21.00 rebate for a year of using it, we still decided to have it renewed and paid P 300.00 for the renewal fee.


1. 10% discount for non-promo foods eaten in the resto
2. Rebate... that's a peso for every 100.00 (dine-in and take out)
3. a free large pizza on the cardholder's birthday

and the last but not the least

4. buy one take one pizza with free 1.5 L softdrinks and ice (delivery)

We seldom dine-in (just look at the rebate amount) but we frequent the delivery so renewing this card was a must.

Taking into consideration the discounts, free pizzas and softdrinks, I think paying P 300.00 for the card is really 

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