Human Heart Nature (Sunflower Beauty Oil and Sunflower Cleansing Oil)

My beloved happy flowers oils!

I've been using these since April, both are already half-empty... or more than half-empty.

Product descriptions and prices can be found here at Human Heart Nature's website.

But here's my comparison:

1. SCO has a bigger bottle (200 ml) compared to SBO (100 ml)
2. I prefer the pump of SBO though, the product is more controlled. 
3. Eventhough I initially thought that I'd like the scent of SCO, I now prefer the scentless SBO.
4. SBO has no problems when being brought to out-of-town trips or anywhere else because it has a cap.

1. Both have manufactured and expiration dates (HHN products usually have a shelf life of one-year)
2. It was hard to find these at malls, you'd have to find a re-seller near your place, go to their main branch at Commonwealth Avenue or order online. 
3. Both containers can get greasy overtime. (DUH.)


 I spread a drop of this every night around my eyes. 
I am not sure if there was a change with my dark under eyebags. Okay fine, there aren't any! But actually they're innate so I am overlooking that though I hope I notice a change soon. What I'm really happy about is that moisturizes and strengthens my eye lashes, there was a decrease with them falling out. It has been a more than a year since I started curling my lashes and I'm worried that the curlers might damage them in the long run. This was my main reason for buying this and good thing it worked.

My eye lashes curled.
It also works as an eye cream. 
A great leave-on for swimming.
I've been on a lot of (swimming) trips last summer and I was afraid that long sun exposure and water would damage my rebonded hair (just like what's posted in the salon). I lathered this on my hair before swimming and I never had to worry about my hair drying out. Also, there were less to no tangles after. 

No hair treatments for the whole month of June, instead, I just applied this (sometimes SCO) on some nights before going to bed.
Does the job of moisturizing my hair and it feels softer after washing. Hehe. (My rebonded hair still looks good after 7 months. (Yey! Sana hindi na masira and/or sana hindi na bad hair day madalas kahit mawala na 'yung na-rebond na buhok. Nakakasanay 'yung aalis ka ng bahay nang kahit walang suklay at pang-tali, keri lang. haha.) I really wish that this one's doing its job for my hair, I'm seriously loving having no bad hair days.

I used as lip balms on some nights
Whenever I've pumped more than what I use for my eye area, I put the rest on my lips. Great moisturizer on the lips and doesn't darken.

Helped relieve itches from insect bites.

I haven't tried using this on my underarms, pimple scars, stretchmarks etc. but I'm thinking of doing that. However, there was a time when I applied this on my whole face for like, three straight nights and ended up with few bumps so I discontinued.  

I don't apply make-up all the time but I still bought this and sometimes wipe my face with this first before washing with soap and water at night.

The main use of this is for removing make-up, but I also apply this on some nights on my hair and it had the same effects with SBO.

Even though I always try to control the strength of my pumping, I still end up with having more products that I need to use so I spread the left products on my hands. My hands would feel soft and moisturized.

Cheap, organic and do their jobs.

I'm glad I decided to try using this product.
There are more uses left to discover. Hehe

(If you're gonna buy amounting to more than P 1,000.00 and wants to avail the 10% discount. Tell me and I can refer you to a re-seller. HHN minus the hassle of finding stores near you. :D)

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