Mr. Kimbob (Korean Healthy Foods)

I haven't been eating at new restaurants and/or trying out other stuffs from fastfood joints lately.
So I'm stuck with the foods I've eaten many times before

Here's Spicy Pork Bibimbap from Mr. Kimbob at SM North Food Court

On my previous visits, I'd just ask for a gochujang in a small plastic container so I can adjust the spicyness but they told me they don't give out chili sauce anymore. For some reason, this whole meal wasn't as "happy" as before. Yes, it's still tasty but... I don't know. Was it because they changed the texture of the meat? Or I was just not that hungry when I ate here?

Whatever the reason is, I think I need a break from this.
After some months, cravings for this should naturally go back.
Kimchi Bokumbap
(P 85.00)

 I did took a break from their bibimbap and ordered this instead.

Well, it's basically the same (where you are to mix everything in your plate) except the other vegetables that are found in bibimbap and this has kimchi fried rice (that only tasted more like gochujang fried rice.)

This was good albeit spicy but I think, now, I'd have to take a break from ordering anything at Mr. Kimbob although I've only eaten there around 8 (?) times since last year; their foods aren't making me excited and happy like they did before. Or perhaps, my tastebuds are more refined now since I've tried eating at, what should I call them? Native Korean Restaurants? Authentic Korean Restaurants?

But, if you want to try something else at SM foodcourts or looking for cheap Korean foods,  it's one of the joints I'd recommend. Budget-friendly, healthy, delicious, and can really fill your hungry stomachs. 

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