It's a "Planned 2014" with an SB Planner

My December was a matcha-filled month which was mainly because my sister wanted to collect all the stickers needed to redeem an SB planner which I now use (when I remember). Someone teach me how to use a planner 'cause apparently, I don't know how to plan my days. hahahaha. I've had planners in the past which were never maximized but this time, I shall try my best to keep it updated with plans and all. Ang mahal nun para hindi gamitin!

I ordered donuts and waffles to go with my drinks. 
Ugh, more calories, anyone?
More expenses, anyone? haha. 

I like matcha latte more compared to matcha frap.
It has more matcha taste to it probably because there's no ice to dilute the taste. DUH

That's it. So long splurge month December because you were more than unsustainable.

Let's meet again in 11 months!

Right now,
I have to say goodbye to Starbucks for a while because I've "invested" a lot of money on it last month. I mean, it's not normal for me to be in Starbucks for two times a week.. OMG. Di lang ako 'yung mabigat eh, mabigat din 'yung presyo. 

Not to mention that there were days when I felt like I needed a Starbucks fix. Yes, this was after I got the planner so alam mo 'yun, medyo na adik lang. Goodbye muna until my wallet recovers from its sickness. Malnourished na siya. :(

Please be 2014's lucky charm!!!!

P.S. December has this ability to make it feel that it's okay to spend a lot, doesn't it?

Gifts, dinners, parties, my phone etc. made a serious dent on my savings that I have no choice but to recuperate these coming days/weeks/months. So help me, God! Kase ano, nawala 'yung savings ata naging puro dent. hahahahaha! I know that it's impossible that I stop spending but I have to try saving more by reducing mindless spending or the much better: "earn" more so I can save more. 
Rakets, where are you na? 

I am not complaining that I've spent a lot though because there's enough money in this world for everyone and there's enough time to recover given na wala ng madadagdag na unnecessary expense. And I also believe in the saying that when you give something away, more will come back! Medyo pang beauty queen lang. hahahaha

But seriously, I really really really have to fix that dent for the meantime so I can dent it again four months from now! Ganun lang naman ang buhay, para bang to live is to save then consume and spend. huhuhu.

Whatever's going to cause the next dent is definitely worth the sacrifice, so PUSH! 

EDIT: Sabi ko, ayoko na muna pero since nung sinulat ko 'to. Nakakadalawang balik na ko SB para mag extra hot matcha latte, 'yung totoooooooo!

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