The life I project online. What's yours?

Mostly in social media sites, you share what you want to share not because you want your life to seem more interesting than it actually is but because it's your right to choose what other people will know about you. Tbh, online life is staged. The good times? The out-of-towns? The eating out? Because those events usually fall into the "acceptable" and "postable" category, they're likely to be magnified as if they were the only things that you do because they're all you're posting in Facebook or in Instagram. 

Or, there's a possibility that I am not talking about the general population of social media users and I am just talking about me. I rarely post in Facebook and if I do, they're just photos. However, I frequent posting in my Instagram account especially if I go to a place that I've never been before to geotag the locations of the pictures (I don't have problems for my IG account though, sa FB lang kasi madalas). See, I usually only share the good times and skip the bad because I don't like the drama (except here hahaha! This is the only place on the internet where I write about my frustrations etc). Apparently, not everyone understands that my internet self isn't all that I am and that's very very very irritating. They don't realize that there is a life not shared, that there is a life behind what I have chosen to share. For example, my Malaysia and Singapore trip, what my Facebook friends see are only the five days I spent there sightseeing, eating and travelling. They didn't see the sacrifices I had to do for more than 6 months prior to that trip, how I spent a lot of time looking for the cheapest hostels and transfers, and how nervous I am because there was a probability that I would have spent all my money for a five-day trip. They don't know about the bad side simply because I chose not to show them. 

Whether we like it or not, we project the life we want when we post things in the internet. Whether we like it or not, people will talk about us because we exposed a part of us to them... And then upon composing this post, I realized that I don't care about what other people think. I just get irritated sometimes and that sometime is now. Hahaha! Seryoso, alam mo 'yung gusto mong magalit pero maiisip mong, "Ay, wala nga pala akong pakialam. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit ako nagpapaliwanag eh."

To sum this up, there really is a gap between social media sites life vs. real life especially because what I am sharing online is only dependent on what's comfortable for me. It may seem like I share a lot but what's in here and in my other SNS accounts aren't 100% of me. In fact, the things I post in the internet could even be less than 50% of what happens to me. A huge part of my life still remains offline and for the part that I expose online, I'll just let the judgers judge. It's what they do best anyway. :))) 

The problem with people who have no life is they talk about those who do. 
The problem with close-minded people is that their mouth is always open.

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