Whatever, September!

In our fast-paced lives filled with everything instant, do you still have the patience to wait?

We all know that even if we're living in a busy world, it's inevitable that we wait. If there's one thing that I relearned last month it is that the most important thing to consider is not how long you wait but what you do while you wait. Similar to "you can't control what happens to you but you can control what happens inside you."

For examples:
Are you that person who's so excited that you miss the chance to have a good night's sleep?
Are you that person who overthinks and neglects the present because you're too busy thinking about the bad things that might happen in the future?
Are you that person who patiently waits and enjoys "the waiting process" no matter how long the process is taking?

I'd like to believe that I can now be categorized as the third person. I wait and I try to enjoy the process. Yes, sometimes it becomes tough especially when there's a chance to rush, skip the line, transfer to another line etc. Those days when you look at other people's lives and think to yourself, bakit sila ang daming ganap samantalang ikaw... huhuhu iyakbells. Again, it's all about appreciating your life more and not comparing yourself with others. Ang dali kasing tumigil at pumila sa pinipilahan ng iba pero kung sa sarili mo alam mo kung bakit ka nakapila dyan at alam mo naman na may patutunguhan 'yan, edi go. Kahit mahirap, kahit natatagalan ka, go lang. 

Since posts like this contains what I want for the new month, I'd like to make September, the first ber month of 2014, my "month of fruitful waiting."  Gusto ko muna mag enjoy this month without a lot of thinking and without a lot of questioning kung dapat ba kong maghintay na pumayat at manalo sa lotto. Wahahaha. Jokessssss. Sabi nga sa librong, "Buti pa ang Roma, may Bagong Papa" Naiinip na nga rin ako. Pero ano'ng magagawa ko? May mga bagay talagang hindi natin kayang madaliin, hindi natin kayang kontrolin. Tipong wala tayong ibang magagawa sa sitwasyon kundi maghintay. Kaya para hindi naman masayang 'yung panahon, pagsasamahin ang mga sailtang fruitful saka waiting. Naghihintay ka pero hindi mo hinahayaan na maging 'yun lang 'yung buhay mo. Malay mo, sorpresahin ka pala ng buhay at bigyan ka ng iba pang pagkakaabalahan. 

May bagay ka bang hinihintay?
I know the feeling gets unbearable at times but let's just remember that we have the choice to divert our attention and forget our frustrations. Remember, time runs fast when you're happy and busy. 

No matter how long it takes, when God works, it's always worth the wait.

Nga  pala,

Happy Ber Months! Let's make the last 4 months of 2014 more maximized and more memorable than the last 8 :))) 

P.S. Ang gulo, noh? Kasing gulo ng utak ko. :)))

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