Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 4: Baker's Hill (Pasalubong!)

Our last day in Palawan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to go to Baker's Hill for their famous hopia. Oo, mas masarap ang hopia dun at mas pinasarap pa kasi malayo sa Quezon City. haha. Glad we chose Baker's Hill for our last destination. Nakahabol pa kami ng mas maraming pictures. Hehe.

We hired a tricycle from our pension house. Somebody has already asked me who our contact person was in Palawan but I lost his number because my phone got reformatted.

Anyway, he brought us to Baker's Hill and two other souvenir shops. He was telling us about the different tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa and that he can bring us there too but due to time constraints, we couldn't go anymore. :( Sobrang bitin. Huhu. I hope to be back and see more of Palawan. 

Here are the pictures I took from Baker's Hill. 

I was expecting a bakery but we saw more than that.

Our driver toured us around and was the one who took most of our pictures. Sayang talaga we lost his contact details.
Baker's Hill is a park and you can roam here for free.
Palawan is also known for cashew nuts. Huwag kalimutan bumili nung buo pang mga kasuy. Mas okay kesa 'yung sa nakahati na.
These signs were the first one to catch my attention when we reached the viewing deck. Hehehe! Baker's Hill has spoken. :)) This happened before Aldub or okay fine, this happened during the 4rd or 5th day of Aldub kaya uso pa 'yung, "Walang Forever" . Bawal mag-date kasi walang forever!!!

Pero dahil isa akong proud member ng Aldubnation, bawal mag-date kasi hindi rito 'yung tamang lugar. Respeto dahil maraming turista ang nagpupunta rito. hehe. May forever na!!!! May forever din tayo sa tamang panahon. Huhu. Charoooot. >.<

Overlooking view from Baker's Hill.

Pero kung walang Aldub, masaya mag-bitter dito. hahahaha
They have statues there too. Super perfect for photo ops!
And playground for the kids.
And more photo ops.
The house of the owner? haha. I'm not really sure.
I was looking forward to a bakery but we saw a lot more. Aside from the well-landscaped and well-designed park, they also have restaurants inside the Baker's Hill.
For Pasalubong...

They only accept cash for payments. 

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