Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 3: En route to Subterranean River

It was one of the longest night I have had but I was still able to sleep for two hours, okay na rin. Buti na lang hindi ako nangingilala ng bed. Should I be proud that I can sleep anywhere? haha.

I rode the backseat of the van in hopes that I'll be able to continue sleeping but we had a tour guide so I forced myself to stay awake the entire time. o_o I learned a lot though I can't tell you everything kasi na-unlearn ko agad halos lahat ng sinabi niya. haha! Sabaw pa more sa umaga. 

One thing though is of the 7,107 islands that we have here in the country, 20% are in Palawan. Marami-rami pa kong babalikan ah. Yes, Calauit Island? Haha!

Also, you don't have to worry about the language gap or language barrier since Palawan is a part of MiMaRoPa so Tagalog is widely-spoken. 

We went down the van for a short break here at Buenavista. Buenavista when translated to English means good view. Good view nga naman pero mas maganda pa rin ako. Ayyy hehe
My breakfast for that day. haha.

I got thrilled that they were selling banana chips but it turned out that Palawan's version of my favorite banana chips doesn't have caramelized sugar coating. Still bought it though since I had to eat something breakfast. I really need to practice eating rice meals even when I am alone!!!!!!!!

So that is what it felt like to travel alone. I may have been alone but I wasn't lonely. Charot. :)) De, okay lang. Diba nga, one of my life goals ay to try travelling alone. Kainis talaga. Dami kong arte pero soon. :))

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