Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 3: Ugong Rock Adventures

Must Try Spelunking and Caving! (And Ziplining!) in Palawan.

After having our lunch, we left Sabang Port and proceeded to another ecotourism attraction in PPS, Ugong Rock Adventures.

I did not see this coming so it's a good thing that I was then wearing my Sandugo sandals because it made the trek a lot easier! Or was it all in the mind? Hehe. 
It is a community-based ecotourism project initiated by ABS-CBN's Bantay Kalikasan and I forgot what the other association was. Lelz. Ang tamad ko maghanap ng infos. Hahaha!

This was the orientation area where she explained the activities we were about to experience. Aside from the activities, what made Ugong Rock Adventures special is that almost all the staff are senior citizens but they don't look like it. Mas healthy pa sila sa'kin. haha. E syempre sa'kin ko pa talaga na-compare. Haha. Pero seryoso, sobrang nakakabilib lang.

Gear Station

Wearing helmet and gloves while doing the activities is a must.
Here's the cave entrance.

Ugong Rock is a limestone hill/formation and from the word itself, it got its name from the sound (some of) the stalactites produce when you hit them with your knuckles. Not all stones there produce the sound, meron lang iba na parang hollow and then may vibration pag 'yun nga, kumatok ka sa bato. 
Our guide pointing us several rock formations inside the cave. There was a Buddha formation in the ceiling and...
And don't even ask me what my reaction would be if I had to go there alone. Hahaha.
This rock formation is the evidence that this was formed million of years ago when the place was still submerged underwater. There is a similarity between this rock formation and those you'd see in El Nido. Kasi after million of years din, 'yung mga nasa ilalim ngayon na part dun sa Small Lagoon e maging ganito rin ang itsura.

Small Lagoon Link
Spelunking Area.

Hayyy, maliit na bagay! Chicken! Wala na bang mas difficult pa rito? hehehe. Jk.

I've already experienced caving twice when I didn't have a blog yet but we can always make new memories so I can put other adventures here, diba? 
When I saw that some of the passageways were narrow, I was like, "How should I fit in there?!" 

Well, apparently I did. Sexy pa pala ko!... pag naka-sideview. hahaha!
This made me miss mountain climbing. It is almost a year since Mt. Pulag happened.
We started from the bottom, now we're here!! <3

Love the view on top of the Ugong Rock Formation!!! 
For the last three days, I was just looking at these limestone cliffs/mountains/forests (whatever you call them) and then I was able to climb one! Hihi!

So this is what it looks like from the top. 
Claiming more adventures. hehehe.

From the viewing deck, you have two options.

Zipline your way down or do caving again passing through a different and easier route.

I decided to do caving since I've tried several ziplines already.

By the way, I like to try South  Cotabato's Seven Falls Zipline someday!! Yes, universe? Yes? Yes!! Hahahaha. Someday!! Bet ko rin talaga Lake Sebu. 
Photo op on the way down.

I wanted to show the narrow passageway but I totally blocked it. See, kasi maliit nga 'yung daan. hahaha!
Staircase on our way down.

Our guides were the ones showing us where to have our photos taken and they were so patient. Hehe.
Glad we made it back down safe!

Life, more caving and spelunking pls!!
Bye, Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa City.

Prior to going there, I didn't know that such place exists but it's a good thing that it's one of the sidetrip options after doing the Underground River Tour.

For only P 550.00, you're able to hit three birds with one stone; 1. you're able to challenge yourself and experience these kinds of activities 2. you're able to help the locals with their livelihood 3. you're able to help in the conservation of nature. Yes to all, diba? :)

P 200.00 for spelunking and caving
P 350.00 for one-way zipline

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