Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 2: End of Tour A

7 Commandos Beach and Big Lagoon link: here. 

Small Lagoon and Lunch link: here. 

Snorkeling link: here.

"Secret" Place link: here.

We went back to El Nido town proper after the Tour A. If you're going to El Nido, I suggest that you do at least two tours because there is really so much to see. Sobrang bitin ng Tour A lang! And you went all the way there so why not do several tours, right? Or bitin lang kasi nga delayed flight kami papunta. Idk. 
Something undesirable happened on our way back to Puerto Princesa. I won't anymore tell what it is but I was forced to be alone. I have always wanted to travel alone but I didn't expect it to be in Palawan and in a trip that we have looked forward to for months.

I've gone to out-of-the-country and out-of-town trips but it was my first time that I had no one but myself for around 5 hours in a far place. (Hi te! Kung mabasa mo 'to, sorry kasi nilagay ko pa or okay lang wag ka mag-alala kasi we made it through the rain! hahaha!)

Mag-isa ko lang pumunta sa pension house, natulog at gumising. Umaalis naman ako mag-isa, minsan pa nga mag-isa ako for more than 5 hours pero dito lang sa Manila kaya natatangi pa rin ang Palawan.

I know that this isn't an accomplishment for some but it was for me. It's just sad that it had to happen that way but everything still turned out fine. I guess. Not entirely the way we wanted but me made it home safe so okay din. 

I know that soon (can't tell you yet! hehe. Sa tamang panahon!)  I'll have to do everything on my own, wash my clothes, cook my food, fix my room and eat alone. Soon, I'll have a chance to try living independently. It's something that I'm looking forward to but is also making me anxious but for the meantime..

Universe, please give me the chance to try travelling on my own again. I don't know when, how and where but I'd like to experience it soon. Hihihi. Claim lang ng claim!!!  :)) 

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