Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 3: Underground River 2015!

I was putting watermarks on my pictures and I looked at them in a different way. Hindi naman 'yung binaliktad ko muna 'yung pictures ah. When we there, yes ang ganda but my reaction was more like, "O ano pang meron?" 

Maybe I thought of it that way because I'm used to seeing man-made statues that's why it was as if there's nothing special but then when you keep in mind that those are all formed naturally. As in, million years na pagso-solidify ng minerals na galing sa saltwater then na-form 'yung mga ganung klaseng figures and shapes, everything in that cave would take your breath away. Maski nga 'yung pusong bato na shape hindi ko kayang i-form sa clay eh, tas magkakataon na mafo-form siya dun sa loob ng cave. Diba? hahaha. Ktnxbye.

Wala lang. Mas na-appreciate ko kasi sa pictures kaya if ever na makabalik ako ng Palawan tas kayanin naman na pumunta ulit dito, why not? 
You would still have to ride a boat from Sabang Wharf (here) to reach the National Park.

This is also the registration area for tourists; the only step that would take a long time especially if there are a lot of tourists waiting in the area. 
Then we were called by our guide because the boat that would take us to the Underground River Park has already arrived.

The boat ride took us around 15-20 minutes.
Limestone Karst can be found almost everywhere in Palawan. 
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site off my list.

San Agustin Church, Intramuros link: here.
Paoay Church, Ilocos link: here.
Calle Crisologo, Ilocos link: here.

Next plsssss. Hahaha! I'm looking forward to my next adventure. No plans yet but I'm letting the universe surprise me this time. O wag akong umasa kasi masasaktan lang ako? Hahaha!
Our tour guide volunteered to take my pictures since I was alone but you know, selfies can always do the job.

Naalala ko tuloy nung nasa Kalanggaman Island, Leyte sabi ang hilig ko raw palang mag-selfie. HAHAHA. E kasi, nakakahiya naman pa picture ng pa picture sa iba. Bilang lang talaga ang mga taong matyaga at 'yung keri lang na maging makapal mukha ko para magpa-picture lagi. Haha! 

Kalanggaman Island Sandbar link: here.
Only saw one monitor lizard though.
You can reach the National Park through trekking as well. 
Our turn to enter the cave!

Pag galing dito mo titignan, ang liit lang pero pag pasok mo, ang laki. Grabe mas malaki pa sa'kin. haha!
It's really a good thing that I became more courageous in doing these things. I couldn't imagine bringing my younger self here. Baka nagwala na ko. Bangka tas madilim na cave? Hala mas malala pa sa horror story sa'kin 'yan nung bata ako! 
This is one of the figures you'll see in the cave.

Hindi ko talaga masyadong na-appreciate when I was there kasi nga, you can see horse figurines everywhere e pero pag iisipin mo that everything there was naturally-made. Grabe. And to think that naka classfiy sila, like sa isang part parang mga religious statues like last supper, si Mama Mary and three kings tas sa isang part, meron naman mga vegetables. Diba. Ang galing galing?
It was said that the crosses were put there even before this became a tourist spot and that vandalism from something-57. Bawal na ngayon!

Meron lang allotted area for the tourists and can't take the risk to explore farther because of the reduced oxygen level in the air.

Nga pala, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is also called St. Paul Underground River Cave.
Bakit? Akala mo ba e hindi kita kayang KALIMUTAIN?? :)))
I was looking forward to seeing a lot of monkeys in the area but I only saw one.

Feeding them isn't allowed and you must not bring plastic bags with you because for the monkeys, plastic bags mean food. 
Shades pangontra haggardness.

Mas okay ang walang tulog kesa walang gising!! :))
On our way back to the wharf for lunch. 
Mabilis lang.

Mas matagal pa nga byahe papunta rito but it's definitely worth visiting!
Huhu. Kamote fries is love.

I was able to eat rice during lunch because I wasn't alone anymore. I got acquainted with the couple in our tour group and we ate together. Dapat kung magjo-jowa ako 'yung pareho kami ng interests, noh? hehehe. Relationship goals ang magbilang ng miles kesa years. Haha Edi wow. Loko lang. Hindi muna. 
I also like to try the Mangrove Boat Tour and Firefly Watching Tour.

Next time, Palawan!! 
This was supposed to be the only itinerary for the day but we headed somewhere else for spelunking and caving.

To follow na lang :)

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