Magpie Korean Cafe, StrEat, Maginhawa, Teacher's Village

I have been frequenting Maginhawa street the past months.

Posts about Rojo's, The Lost Bread, Peri-Peri Tornado Chicken, Sancho, Artsy Cafe, North Wing are to follow. <3 Just posting this i
n honor of the last two pictures I posted in Instagram before my phone broke. Hehehe na huhuhu three days ago. This is to hoping that I'll be able claim my phone tomorrow afternoon! Huhuhu. Please namannnn. Hirap ng walang phone.

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They wanted round two I suggested that we transfer to Magpie Cafe in the StrEAT (we were from North Wing Manila) since I saw that they serve shakes there.

I was also meaning to order a shake but then I saw from the menu that they had Bingsu and I also noticed that the green tea was named "Nokcha" instead of "Matcha" Then it came to me that I probably entered a Korean Cafe and guess what? Magpie, indeed, is a Korean cafe. It's written outside, I wasn't just paying attention as usual. Focused sa matcha, ganern?? :))

Nok in Korean Language means green and Cha is tea. 

P 150.00

Magpie Cafe's version of Nokcha Bingsu is different from BGC's Cafe Seolhwa because the shaved ice is made from milk unlike the latter that the shaved ice was made with green tea. The good thing is Magpie Cafe's version is something that is more adjusted to Filipino palate 'cause not only is it made from milk, they also provided extra serving of condensed milk which you can add to your bingsu if you still find it bland. 

Aside from the scoop of nokcha ice cream, this bingsu had injeolmi cubes, whipped cream, sliced almonds, and red beans toppings. Okay na sa P 150.00 kasi malaki rin ang serving.

Overall, this is something that will be enjoyed by those who love the grassy and potent taste of matcha because of the ice cream and yet will also be enjoyed by those who prefer a milder taste because they can just mix the ice cream and the snow ice together. 

Plus points that Maginhawa street is waaaaaay nearer to me than BGC. Glad that I have found a new place where I can satisfy my green tea and bingsu 

Go on a weekday if possible because the strEAT gets too crowded during weekends.

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