Sultan Mediterranean Grill, Makati

It's rare for me to eat Mediterranean cuisine not because I don't like it but because I have no idea about what to order aside from the usual shawarma and kebab. That's the reason why I am happy I was finally able to try other Mediterranean dishes here in Sultan Mediterranean Grill in Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin Street, Makati.

If you're looking for a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine... :)

Falafel balls with Hummus
P 250.00
This is served with a pita bread that's covered with a cheesecloth.

This is something that I haven't tried before but it tastes good and I was actually surprised that this is just an appetizer. 
Salata Horiatiki/ Greek Salad
P 200.00
Vitamin Boost
P 250.00

I liked this salad because of its orange and cranberry dressing. Nothing like an extra vitamin boost especially in this crazy weather we're having this days. Huhu. I wish I could eat this today too! 
P 220.00

This is almost like Lasagna only they used eggplant instead of the pasta. I liked the cheese, hehe, I'm just not really a fan of eggplant. 
Lamb Shank
P 550.00

They slow-cooked this lamb for three hours. Yup, three hours so no wonder that the meat is very soft and juicy. It is perfect with the buttered rice and gravy. It might seem expensive but a serving is huge that it is good for sharing.

 I liked this a lot even though I only had 2 spoonfuls of this because there were too much food to try. Oh, and it was my first time eating lamb and their shank didn't disappoint. 
Lobia Rice
Beef Shawarma
Kebab Platter

CHUNKS (all caps para intense!) Chunks talaga as in malalaking chunks of beef, lamp, seafood, and chicken perfect paired with Sultan Grill's garlic sauce that is readily available in each table and their lobia rice.
With the diced veggies it came with. 

I liked this a lot too!
My mixed berry yogurt drink.
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They're open from 11:00 AM to 10 PM.
Address: UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium, 124 San Agustin Street, Makati

Thank you Sultan Mediterranean Grill for the invite and Aldous for organizing this event. :)

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