Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 2: Tour A (Small Lagoon and Lunch)

From the big lagoon, we went here to small lagoon (still in Miniloc island) mainly for our favorite part of the day - lunch. 
Do you see what I see?

To get to the small lagoon, you would have to pass through this small partition in the rocks. You have two options: 1. Swim 2. Rent a kayak. Of course, we chose to rent a kayak. Mukhang mas madali eh. It's a good thing we've tried it for the first time in Danjugan Island.

Akala talaga namin nung una e hindi kami kakasya pero fortunately/surprisingly, nagkasya kami sa maliit na dinadaanan. Hehehe.
The feeling is different when you're just riding the boat and when you're the one paddling your way through the lagoon. The same with the big lagoon, it was said that the scientists believe that a cave collapsed in this area and it made way for the formation of the small lagoon.

Well, all this wouldn't be possible without the expertise of Louise. It was hard for me to navigate so I ended up bumping the limestones almost all the time. HELLO TE!!
Isn't it amazing that small trees/shrubs are able to grow out of these limestones when there are, in fact, no soil?

Limestones are a type of rock made from shells that lived million years ago. So amazing that we have these places here in the country. Kunsabagay, we have 7,107 islands oh! Soon <3
Much more breathtaking to see this in person!
Other tourists in the area.
It was a long weekend when we went there, hence this much people who were there with us. Isang part lang 'to ng place. But there's coordination so the itinerary of the tour operators are different. Tour A pero hindi sabay sabay nagpupunta sa isang lugar. Magkakasunod.
More limestone karst because I couldn't even count how many pictures I took.
Lunch is served!

Mas masarap lahat kasi nasa El Nido! Hehehe.
The place where anywhere is picture perfect and instagrammable kahit na hindi naman ako masyadong nag-instagram at guilty pa nga ko of not posting my El Nido pictures (lately ko lang na-realize na wala akong na-post haha!). Anyway, this blog is somehow updated so okay lang. 
A lot of tourists snorkeled and kayaked in this area but we chose to stay in the boat to rest. Hehe. Thank te (Louise) !!! Sa pagtya-tyaga lagi mag-picture sa'kin. Hehehe!

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