Maybelline's Creamy Matte Brown in Nude Nuance and Clay Crush

I'll show you how Maybelline's Creamy Matte Brown in Nude Nuance and Clay Crush look on me. 

Ever since I started wearing lipstick, I always go to the bolder and brighter shades so it was usually just red and coral shades for me especially since my lips are so pale. Link: here. But because more and more people have been telling me that I look kinder if I'm not wearing red lipstick, I'm trying to get used to brown and nudes. 'Yung totoo!!! HAHAHA

I love the feel of using creamy mattes. They're very easy to apply and not drying on the lips. I usually shy away from matte lipsticks (except Colourpop. Natitiis ko. haha) if I can so I am loving Creamy Matte's formulation because it's like the love child of a satin and a matte lipstick. Sige na nga,bes! Demi-matte kasi ata tawag dito.

I have pale lips so usually, any color goes.

I am not sure if the color turn out will be the same for those who have more pigmented lips. 

Clay Crush

In all fairness to me, I don't know how to describe colors. So I'm really just showing you pictures.

I was out with my usual pale lips 'cause I was eating (not surprising!) then as I brought this out to retouch and used it on my lips, everyone was like, "OMG! Ang ganda!" OMG ANG GANDA KO?! THANK YOU! HAHA. 

The reason why I got this shade was when I saw this on Georgina Wilson. However, the color appeared darker on her compared to me cause mine looked exactly how it is in the tube. Not that I hate it how it turned out on me but that had me searching for a darker brown lipstick. lol. 

Posted this in Facebook and this was the caption: 

My hands had a lot of small wounds a few months back because of the allergic reaction I got from continuous wearing of latex gloves. Didn't pay much attention to it until I was looking at this picture but the wounds are all healed, skin isn't dry and scaly, and surprisingly no scars were formed.
It takes time but isn't it amazing how our bodies are able to heal itself? It takes faith but isn't it comforting to know that someday things will get better?

Push 'yang hugot kahit saan. 

Nude Nuance on the left, Clay Crush on the right

The two Creamy Mattes swatched on my arm. 

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