USA 2016: San Diego Safari Park, California

No. Don't tell me that I'm too old for Safari Parks. hehe. If you're a tourist in San Diego, California it's kinda given that you'll visit Seaworld or Safari Park. That's what I did. :)) 

Up until now, I still get thrilled for zoo trips. I was excited for San Diego Safari Park especially when they told me that there are giraffes there. We had the basic park pass with the free tram ride. There are other kind of more expenses passes that you can avail to try out their other attractions such as the close encounter with the giraffe, zipline above the safari area and so on. 

Upon entering, we were told by the guide to head straight to the tiger trail because there are three cubs. So we did. They give out park maps so it was easy to navigate since it's kinda big. 

It was a hot day and the cub is enjoying his sleep. .

I must have been out of my mind to wear black long sleeves back there.

Mists are everywhere.



We missed the show but these two animals; leopard and dog raced that day. 

If the theme of my USA trip was "Seven Continents in Three Months" well, kind of succeeded with that. 'Cause it felt like visiting Africa while there.

I was with my Aunt and Uncle so we didn't really walk around that much. I also wasn't able to see the elephants but you know, seeing animals for the first time is still something enjoyable. 

That's the close encounter with the giraffe.

We rode this shuttle that drove us around the whole safari area where I saw giraffes, rhinos, and many other animals you can usually find in Africa.



After the Safari ride, we went to this High Flying balloon. Bought out tickets, waited for our turn.

But told that we had to have it refunded because it was too windy up there.

Such  a bummer but safety comes first so who are we to insist. Skydiving na lang! haha

This is the map of the Safari. I think we've only gone to like 1/4 of the safari but I don't care as long as I was able to personally saw a giraffe. :)))

Will these picture in the bamboo lined walkway be my lucky charm to Japan? Hmmm... let's see. 

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