USA 2016: Del Mar County Fair, San Diego, California

My first time attending a county fair. <3

We went here for the last concert of Kenny Roger's and of course, feel what it's like to attend a county fair.

Full of food booths, rides, galleries, and displays. You'd feel that you're really in the USA. Why? This was the scene I always see in American movies. 

My uncle asked me to guess what this is, I immediately responded that I think this one's a lethal injection/ a punishment chair of some sort. HAHAHA. Only to find out that it's just a regular chair with a scorpion inspired design. Lumabas pagka-brutal ko dun ah. :))

"We are all mad here."

The county fair is Alice in Wonderland themed

I was looking at the cable car ride which they've probably noticed so they asked me if I wanted to try this out. 

Yay! We saw the whole county fair while on the ride. 

Me and my infamous back. :)) 

Turkeys are usually served during Thanksgiving that takes place every November. My neighbor once mentioned that to me so when I saw smoked turkey legs being sold there, I chose this as my snacks. HAHAHA. For experience but something I won't purchase again. 

They told me to anticipate the food choices 'cause there will be weird ones but I wan't weirded out at all. Some are familiar, some are not but I didn't have the money to buy more food back there so... :) Busog naman na sa turkey legs. Haha

So pretty the petrified logs. 

We saw some petrifies logs in Nevada's Valley of Fire but I didn't appreciate it back there. Who would've thought that the "Do Not Disturb Petrified Wood" when cut is this beautiful?

Found some Vegas in San Diego. Soon, I'll be able to visit Macau! 

May the force be with me. 

After watching the concert, we headed home.

Thank you. We're definitely all mad here. 

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