USA 2016: Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, Nevada

Here's one thing though I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in a post below.
Before I went there, all I was expecting to see was the Las Vegas Strip and the Hoover Dam. However, due to a fortunate turn of events, I ended up seeing a lot more than I was expecting and then wasn't able to visit all the hotels along Las Vegas Strip and never came close to Hoover Dam... until the last day of course. 

They asked me, "Ano pa bang hindi mo napupuntahan dito? E ang galing mo pumaraan." haha! So they suggested that we go to Lake Las Vegas but then thought of the Hoover Dam. It's a good thing that during those days, sun sets past 8 PM so no worries even if we left the City at already past four in the afternoon. 

Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are both in Boulder City. That was the first time that I went to that area which is close to the Arizona - Nevada Stateline already. 

For more information about the Lake Mead National Recreation Center, you can visit their website here.

The sun was still hot that time so I only took pictures of Lake Mead while in the car.

Lake Mead, by the way, is the largest reservoir in the United States if measured in capacity but its currently in its alarmingly low water level so a lot of reservoirs are currently larger. There are several access points to the Lake Mead. This one that we drove through is the one on the west which is from the Metropolitan Las Vegas, there's also one on the east which is through the I-15, the Valley of Fire and the other two; Moapa Indian Reservation and Overtorn Arm. 

After looking at Lake Mead, we drove to the Hoover Dam. 

This is Mike O'Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

It connects the state of Nevada and Arizona. Yup, again, this place is a stateline.

I've been hearing about the Daylight Savings Time before but it was only when I stayed there that I kind of had a grasp of what it really is. Also, because time zone in Arizona is kind of difficult to understand because of what it observes and what it doesn't observe i.e Pacific Time and Mountain Time. 

The drastic change in time of the sunset and sunrise depending on the season is the main reason why you wouldn't see an exact time in the parks. However, what you're going to see are the words, "until sunset" as the closing time. 

Alarmingly low level of water in Hoover Dam. 

Kagaya ng pake ko, paubos na. Chos!

The white color rock is called the bathtub ring and it indicates the past water levels of the reservoir.

It was hot and the air was dry. Hence, my hair looking flat like that. 

We left Hoover Dam around 7 PM. My last Las Vegas Dinner for my ver. 1.0 was at a fine dining restaurant in one of the hotels in Vegas. Hihi. Back then, I have already accepted that it was my last night. haha! I was just thinking na, "Doesn't matter, I'll be back." 

So let's see if I'll really have the chance to be back there one of the coming years. :))

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