USA 2016: Strawberry Picking, Carlsbad, California

And the strawberry picking that I never had the chance to do in Baguio, I was able to do in Carlsbad, California. I first saw the strawberry field when we went to Legoland

Back then, we didn't have the time to do this activity 'cause we still had to drive back to Las Vegas and were were already returning late. I don't recall what part of my stay did they got to know that I love strawberries but I'm thankful that they did. haha! When it was mentioned by my Uncle that we could stop by the field that morning before heading to Del Mar County fair in the afternoon, I was like, "OMG Let's go po!" Hahaha. I only asked for two items in the itinerary they've prepared for my visit; this strawberry picking and a dinner at a Korean restaurant. HAHAHA! Yan tayo eh. Basta pagkain. :))

I remember when were walking under the intense heat of the sun at Bad Water Basin, Death Valley National Park, a Chinese tourist talked to me and showed me how covered she was. She was wearing shades, big hat and long sleeves, and all I had with me back there was my shades thus she might have felt the need to catch the attention of the underdressed tourist.

When I sent a picture of this to my friend, he was like, "Chinese tourist ka na ba dyan?" Hahaha! 

Staying in San Diego felt a lot different from staying in Las Vegas. Vegas (especially the strip) felt so commercialized and busy, San Diego felt so laid back. Another factor was that, we didn't go to the busy areas. Even their downtown, I only saw across the river.

Yes, madam? 

The picking costs $10 per person but you can eat as much strawberry as you wish while in the field. hahaha! I didn't even know if it was a strawberry picking or strawberry eating contest that I was doing. You can't blame me though, I love fresh strawberries. :))

I only got this much strawberries but I don't know how many pieces I ate in between the picking. hehe! Soon, orange picking in Sagada please, life!! hehehe

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