USA 2016: Mt. Soledad, San Diego, California

Waking up in San Diego was the reality that it's over. Haha! I really feel that I messed up this time, I have to be better should I be given the chance to experience this kind of lifestyle one more time. But this is it's end. I'll be better.

Amazing that only four hours away and the weather was completely different. I was hot in humid when I left Vegas but I had to wear jacket while I was in San Diego 'cause it felt so cold. 

Teasing me because almost all I visited in the states were mountains, my aunt and my uncle took me to Mt. Soledad Memorial Park. haha! Mahilig daw kasi ako sa bundok. 

This hill also served as a memorial site for the war veterans though I heard that the cross has some sort of controversy. 


Overlooking San Diego and the Pacific ocean whilst surrounded by fog. <3


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