Agico Vegetarian Cafe, Araullo Street

Healthy just got delicious. 

Excited to share with you my first vegetarian cafe experience. 

I was in Cebu with an unstable internet connection when Aldous texted me that we'll have an event in Agico Cafe so I was like, "Okay, I'll be there." without searching what their offerings are. I don't frequent San Juan area 'cause it's either I'm in Quezon City or far South in Pasay or Taguig so I haven't heard about them plus the stigma that vegetarian food is boring kaya out of my radar. Sorry na pooooo. 

Came Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, I was about to text Aldous that I won't be able to make it to the event because I had to abstain from eating meat when I decided to search Agico's Cafe Instagram account once again and by then, I already noticed the word Vegetarian between the words Agico and Cafe. So safe, meatless naman pala. For us Roman Catholics, the meatless meals of Agico are perfect for the Lenten Season.

For nagbabalik-alindog, perfect for summer outing preparations. haha.

Until now pag nakikita ko 'yung pictures, napapaisip pa rin akong, "How can vegetarian food be that good?" Ang saya talaga and ang guilt-free.<3 

Bacon Mushroom Burger
P 288.00

If you're not aware that these are meat substitutes, you'll really get tricked. It's amazing and confusingly delicious.

What the burger looks like.

Loved the healthiest burger I've had my whole life. 

Butayaki Maki
P 258.00

I loved that Bacon substitute as much as I am curious to know what it really is. hehehe. All the ingredients are made from scratch, 10 years of experience and experimentation. No wonder all the meals that were served that night were all good. 

P 280.00

One of the very few times that I didn't get umay when I eat Okonomiyaki. 

P 158.00

Notice that they have a lot of meals from the Japanese Cuisine. They are, afterall, a Japanese inspired Vegetarian Cafe. They have their own version of ramen and rice bowls as well. 

Tofu Steak
P 230.00

I love tofu so it's a no-brainer that I'd like this one too. 

Beef Tapsilog

This is the meal that really piqued my curiosity. That's meat substitute that is made from mushrooms (?). Seriously, it felt like biting a very tender and flavorful beef slice. Tapa without the guilt!

Baked Lasagna
P 268.00

This has to be one of the best lasagnas I've ever had. It's also the first dish we had in Agico, the very first time I questioned what the ground meat texture was. Hahaha. Seryoso, mga bes. Kakaiba pero ang saya! 

Sesame Buchi
P 90.00

I'm not really a fan of this dessert but I still ate my share. Love that it's not too sweet!

I had that drink at the back of the green one, the Lemon Grass worth P 120.00. It's a very refreshing drink. You can easily taste the lemon grass but there's a hint of ginger and other tastes. 

Agico's Branches and Contact Numbers

Order na or go to their restaurants to kick start your healthier eating habits. :)

Whoever said that vegetarian food is boring (guilty but I'm now guilt-free parang mga food nila sa Agico. hehe) clearly hasn't gone to Agico Vegetarian Cafe yet... hahahaha. Nakapunta na ko e so pwede ko na sabihin 'yan. With over 80 items on their menu  (Appetizer, Entree, Ramen, Burgers, Rice Bowls, Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Pie, Desserts, Raw Juices, Ice Blended Drinks, Smoothies), there's a lot more to try. I'll definitely bring my Mom here so she can try and taste the vegetarian version of her favorite Shoyu Ramen. <3 

Thank you, Agico for the very healthy and mouthwatering meals! :D

And of course, Aldous for organzing this event.

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