Xiao Nan Men Taiwanese Restaurant, Z Mall, Banawe

Given the many options of Chinese food in Banawe, Quezon City, one would really find it hard to decide which place to eat - one I can recommend is Xiao Nan Men in Z Mall. 

King Fish in Mango Chili Sauce

I found this refreshing probably because of the mango in the sauce rather than the usual sweet and sour. 

Deep Fried Stinky Tofu

I didn't know that this dish's name is Stinky Tofu 'cause I was only told that this one's tofu. I immediately reached out and got a slice only to find out that this food is an acquired taste. As in. don't get me wrong, this must be delicious for other people (I heard it's a popular snack in Taiwan) but the taste and the small is certainly not for me. 

For this, the stinkier, the tastier.

Stir Fried Taiwanese Sausage

You can't really go wrong with slices of sausage. I like that this isn't that sweet. 

Three Cups Chicken

Chicken slices in black sauce with mushroom and garlic. 

Sliced Beef Fried Rice with Bell Pepper

Ito 'yung sinasabing, "kanin lang, ulam na."

Scrambled Egg with Special Sauce

This is their version of omelette. I like the topping it has, it compliments the beef fried rice. 

I wasn't able to get the names of the dimsums below

Buttered Chicken

Reminded me of Baguio's Good Taste

Thank you, Xiao Nan Men and Aldous! :)

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