Behold Bohol 2017 (3D2N Itinerary and Guide)

My first flyout for 2017 was in the "City of Friendship," Bohol. 

Bohol trip is very timely 'cause last February 8, 2017, Bohol has launched its new tourism motto which is Behold... Bohol. I want to congratulate the Province of Bohol not only for their new motto but also being able to declare that area has fully recovered from the earthquake they experienced last 2013. 

This shall include our itinerary for our Bohol Trip which is just a Countryside tour (first day) and a two days, one night stay at the 2016's World Luxury Award Hotel winner which is the Henann Resort Alona Beach. Tamad lang kasi talaga mga kasama ko kaya mas okay na lang na sa resort nag-stay, charot!

3rd time's the charm for both Cebu and Bohol. haha. 

Cebu - 2009, 2015, 2017
Bohol - 2010, (January) 2017, (February) 2017

Yep, mga besh. As of this writing, two times na. Sa sobrang kaladkarin ko, nag-Bohol na 'ko nung January bumalik pa ko nitong February pero keribells, I survived! <3 The life I chose. hahaha. Don't give up on me, universe. 

By 2018, they will be opening their new International Airport in Panglao Island. Yey! 

First Day

Countryside Tour Itinerary
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River Cruise with Lunch 
Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Where we stayed on our the first night: El Portal Inn

Third time's the charm:
Balicasag Island
Virgin Island

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