Royce Nama Chocolates, Eastwood

Aside from the chocolate dipped potato chips, I never really had the chance to try Royce's chocolate despite seeing it all the time whenever I'm in Trinoma.

Not until they held this raffle that for every 3,000 php spent is a possible to ticket to Japan. haha! We joined. :)) And hence, these chocolates. 

Forget the other two 'cause albeit not being matcha, this is the star of the purchase.

Champagne Pierre Mignon 

Definitely of the best quality that we (four) finished this one seating despite the constant reminder that a small box costs almost P 700.00 HAHAHA

You can smell the scent of the champagne in each bar. This is the only time I enjoyed chocolate infused liquor. Kind of reminded me of my favorite Dove chocolate from the states because they're both melt in your mouth though this is much creamier and with a more velvety texture.

I would have really liked it have we won the raffle, universe so I can stuff my mouth with all the nama chocolates especially the matcha one which, heartbreakingly, is not available in the Philippines.

Come on, Royce Philippines!! Bring the treasure here! :))

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