Shakeaway, UPTC

Craving for:
Frozen Yogurt?
Shaved Ice?

Whatever it is that you feel like eating out of the four mentioned above, I'm sure you'll find a flavor you want in Shakeaway, UPTC. 

Over 180 flavors?
How overwhelming interesting is that?

Anyway, for those who don't know, Shakeaway is the world's largest milkshake bar company from United Kingdom. Yup, another international franchise that has arrived to the Philippines. 

Once you enter the store, you'll immediately notice this wall filled with these yummy goodies that you may add in your milkshake. 

To add to your confusion, huhu, parang ang sarap lahat!!!!

Do you like your drink Fruity? Sweety? Chocolatey? or Biscuity?

Since there are a lot of options, I liked that the list is already in the tables. Ang hirap naman din kasi mamili tas nakakangawit sa neck... dahil sobrang undecided ko parati. :)) Kasi naman over 180 flavors and over million of possible combination! Hirap, besh! But at the same time, it's impossible to not have something that will suit your taste. 

It was a bloggers' event and for that night, we were able to try four milkshakes and frozen yogurt. 


Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Filled Mint Candy with Milk Chocolate Chips on top.

Despite my initial impression that the mint overpowered all the chocolate taste in this milkshake, I came to like the combination after a few sips that I can say that out of the four I've tried that night, this was the best for me. <3


Ube and Macapuno with pinipig on top

This one is exclusive to the Philippines

This one's good too especially 'cause love your own, mga bes! Filipino flavors 'yan eh. 

Toasty Tim

This drink is a part of their winter menu which means that it's limited edition. But once this one's out, they will definitely be releasing new set of menu for the next limited edition drinks. 

The first time I've read hot milk shake I got curious already so good thing we were given this to try out. I loved how thick this hot chocolate drink is. 

I forgot which soda was this but this is one of their soda shakes which I liked as well. Float na hinalo na nila for you, ganern. 

I'm definitely going back for their matcha milkshake so watch out for me, Shakeaway. :))

That's it for the milkshakes... Here's the frozen yogurt. 

The thing that I liked the most is that they used fresh strawberries. I just got used to strawberry purees on my frozen yogurt that I am impressed that the fruits are fresh. And look how generous they are with granola. So much love for, Izzie, the Fresh Froyo!

Thank you, Shakeaway Philippines for having us and Aldous for the invite! :)

Visit them at: Ground Floor, Phase 2, UP Town Center

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