Feeder Port and and DBR Lodge, Dingalan, Aurora

This was were we stayed when we were in Dingalan.

We opted for a non-aircon room to bring the cost down to P 300.00 per person. 

DBR Lodge

Although it was quite far from Feeder Port, you can get there by walking (the way we chose to get around Dingalan) or by riding a tricycle. 

Opposite DBR is the "fishing area"

We walked through what seemed like private gates towards the shore. Haha. We asked around the lodge if we can go here and they told us to just walk towards the beach. Lol. Tourists angas. 

Before sundown, we decided to go to the Feeder Port to have dinner as well.

We found this cafe where we bought shakes first and then headed to the port for a wala lang, inarte. :))

"Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

I've found mine, universe. Keep on supplying me funds. Hahahaha!

Sitting here at sundown. <3

My favorite people are the ones whom I can just sit with and talk - not the small talks, but talks about life, passions, dreams etc.

Before walking back to the lodge, we decided to buy drinks (alcoholic) first and there we saw our guide. It was so funny 'cause he offered that he'll take us back riding his motorcycle which we politely said no to. Pero hindi siya nakatiis, Sinundan niya pa rin kami ng naka-motor habang naglalakad and said, "Sige na, hatid ko na kayo."

"Okay lang po talaga. Lalakad na lang kami."

I wonder what he'll feel if he found out that we still went out twice that night. Ge. Ang tatapang e noh. HAHA. 

After drinking alcohol and sleeping late, our 2nd day started early 'cause we had to trek to the Mountain View before sunrise. 

After Batanes of the East and White Beach, we had lunch at the Feeder Port area and went back to DBR to pack our things. 

At ganun ganun lang, tapos na ang Dingalan escapade namin.

Okay naman.

Di ngalan kami.

Charot! :))

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  1. May contact info po kayo for DBR Lodge or kung allowed walk in? Thanks.