The Station, Maginhawa: Ribb

Isn't it surprising that Ribb serves baby back ribs? Hmm...

So above, you have their baby back ribs with two sides: grilled corn and mashed potato

The meat was tender. However, I am not thinking bakit hindi ata ako 'yung kumain ng corn? :))

Kinakabahan ako lagi kapag nakakakita ako ng dyanamite... kasi baka sumabog. :)) Char!

I love this "pulutan" "streetfood" or whatever category this falls into because it usually has cheese stuffing. The thing is, eating this is somehow based on pure luck. Hahahaha. I don't fancy eating spicy food (except Korean food) but based on experience, dynamites are not always spicy so I give it a chance once in a while... and Ribb's version? Maanghang, bes. hahaha. Masarap at malutong which something people who can eat spicy food will enjoy. 

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