Tan-Awan Falls, Dingalan, Aurora

After Matawe beach, we headed to the jump-off of Tan-awan Falls. The trek may be short but it's kind of tiring yet all was worth it upon the sight of the falls. No one was there with us that day too so it's a lot better.

Kuya told us that it's called Tan-awan falls because of the overlooking view you'd see on the way to the falls. 

Very beautiful to be surrounded by the mountain range, clouds and water.

From here, Polillo Island of Quezon is also visible. I'll be blogging about my trip to Polillo soon. 

Cold and refreshing water, here we come!!!

Maria Cristina Falls din, life!!! 

The falls wasn't so high but the basin was deep so we were able to get close to it. 

The falls' basin is surrounded by boulders so be extra careful since they can be slippery.

The rope serves as a guide as to where the deep part of the basin starts. 

Very serene and relaxing!

Although I wish for them to be known more, those two days in Dingalan with no other tourists were actually one of my favorite trips. Expect a lot of people during weekends though. 

Low lying clouds!! <3

Gusto ko tuloy ng Baguio hahaha

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